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  1. Any idea on where I could pick up parts? Or if it’s even worth it
  2. I picked up this older skiver on a trade but can’t find a name on it and I’m pretty sure it’s missing an end plate or something on the front. I’m a small time leather worker on the side and thought this would speed up some of my work but I don’t know anything about it. Can someone help me out and tell me what I need to get it running? It came with an old table and two older motors but they are not servo motors which I think I need
  3. Yamata FY 5618 walking foot sewing machine. I used it for chaps and smaller leather items. Not good for thick holsters and what not. Comes with extra needles, thread, feet and bobbins. Has a variable speed servo motor. I am the second owner. Hasn't been used much. Located near Lake Placid, FL. $650
  4. I have a Yamata fy5618 and am having a problem with my thread looping and bunching up under the leat her at tr start. I am sewing about an inch and half straight lengths so I'm starting in reverse a couple stitches and ten going forward and then reverse again at the end. It is looping in the beggining during my reverse sitching and then is fine. My matching sees good on long runs. I just can't figure out why it won't pull tight in in the beggining. Please help
  5. I am looking to sew a total of 3-7 ozs of leather and was wondering if a regular home sewing machine will suit my needs or do I need to be selective in my choice. Eventually I want a larger machine to make heavier duty items but right now I'm focusing on very light weight leather. Any help or advise is greatly appreciated. Mark
  6. Im looking at a Chandler DY 337 sewing machine but I cant find alot of info online about it. I was wondering if you experts could tell me how thick of leather it will sew through? I will be building tack and holsters and whatever else I can put together with leather. heres some pics of the one im looking at. Thanks Mark
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