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  1. I bought some 2x2 pieces of various oil cures. I am used to working with veg tan. Any ideas on how to get an attractive edge on a piece? I can't burnish it ....or so it seems. I've tried edge sealants.....like gum trag'....It just soaks it up and looks for more. I tried sanding it....down to 280 grit......still pretty rough! I love the finished look of the oil cured....but I hate the rough edges.....any tips greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey folks, I have a lady that would like to have a pair of motorcycle chaps made for her. She has long, rather slender legs and has not had any luck off the rack. She would like buffalo skin, since that is what her husband has and he is very happy with them. She is here in S. Texas for the winter, and would like to get them made before she heads north in April. I do not have a machine and this is simply too large a hand sewing project for me. So if anyone is interested or knows someone who is, then please pm me with a link or an email where they can hook up. Appreciate any help we can get. Eccho.
  3. Thank you electrathon. I have played with it for a while now, and I can get it to look proper, except at the beginning and probably the end. Something I am just not doing to start properly. Never the less, I shall order the books and with what you have said and maybe some illustrations, this too shall be overcome. Your assistance is much appreciated. They say you can't teach old dogs new tricks, I just started using a cutting wheel a week ago, now I regret not trying one long ago, so maybe I can learn this too. Thanks again. Eccho
  4. Okay, thank you, I appreciate the info. Eccho
  5. I find it hard to believe that no one on this site has any idea how to do this, or has never seen a tutorial. Come on folks, maybe a book to recommend!
  6. I have a customer in Germany who is interested in Boot Chains that I have for sale on my website. I do not normally ship abroad, so I told him I would try to find him a leather worker closer to home, who might be interested in helping. Not a huge sale for sure, but if someone could help out, we both would appreciate it. Thanks Eccho.
  7. This is what I would like to learn to do.
  8. No I don't think so, although I am not familiar with the Mexican round braid it looks a lot more involved than double loop braid. Thank you for your effort though, it is appreciated. Eccho
  9. I hope I have this in the proper forum. i use double loop braid around the edge of many of my bags, seats etc. I have been looking for a tutorial on how to do double loop braid using two different colors of lace. I have played with it on my own, and I have come close but I am missing a step somewhere along the line. If anyone has a link to a good tutorial I would appreciate it. Thank you. Eccho
  10. Thank you too all. I have just returned from Michaels, with a 60 and a 28, since I may want to cut some tight angles. I tried the 60 on some crushed leather and was very pleased with the result. Due to the stretch of crushed leather it was always a problem to cut with a straight blade as the very action of cutting it pulled the leather out of shape. I'm a happy camper...........it must be part of getting old that makes me take so long to find out there is an easier way to do most things. Stubborn????? nah
  11. I have been doing all of my cutting with an Olfa snap blade knife since I began. However I went to a lacing class last week and though the lesson was simple it was very informative, Even though I still don't know how to braid with two colors:>) The thing that impressed me, was how easy it was to cut a very fine, straight cut, using a rotary cutter. I had never used one before but now I want one, and I only want one. Olfa makes many sizes and handle positions, but I thought I would get some first hand knowledge from some of you that have been using them. Is there one you would suggest over the Olfa? While price is always important, in this case I hope to have it for years, so the expense would be one time, since I am assuming I can keep the blade honed up on the buffing wheel and strop. So lets hear some opinions.
  12. Very nice............one question...........why does the seat look like a completely different color in the shot on the frame as opposed to on the bench. I realize the lighting is different, but it literally looks like a different seat. IMHO
  13. X2 on Loctite...............I use blue...............if you use red, it is pretty much assured you are never opening it again.
  14. Any chance " Chicago " screws would work for you? Just a thought. Good luck.
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