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  1. Haha, yeah I am aware of copyright the copyright issues, I will most likely be drawing up a fresh one I just used an image like the one I eventually wanted so people would get the idea. Thanks for bring that up though its good to see that someone had that in mind :D
  2. Thanks alot for the link! I think i may order something friday seeing as how this will also be a useful design when i start making some pieces for the motorcycle convention in my town thats coming up in a couple months. I need to get some stock put together so that I have things to sit down next to my buddy at the Cherokee Nation table with
  3. simply because for right now he wants alot of them on his project, and I was thinking about using them on Deck cases that I am putting together for some craft shows coming up. figured it would be easier than doing a carving on each case
  4. allright. so how do i go about getting in touch with them? are they members on here or is there a site i would need to go to? Sorry for being such a newb
  5. Does anyone know if there is a stamp available in the truck mud flap girl silhouette thing? Like the one pictured below? Looking for one for a piece a friend wants. He wants this damn picture like obsessively stamped all over the project..... Any information would be welcome!
  6. Very very nice! I'll tell you now...if I was walking around a show and saw those I would easily drop whatever kind of money those were priced at! Question for you though: How did you get the colors to be so vibrant? (or perhaps the better question would be is it paint or what, and if so what kind?) Hahaha, sorry for the noobish question, I just really like them
  7. Much better solution in my eyes. At least they can have a productive contribution to society that doesn't involve destruction.
  8. Hahaha yeah anytime I mean thats an awesome site and I really enjoyed all of the information on there. Just made me feel a tad doofy when I was told you were a member on the boards . Oh well, all i do know is that it is in my favorites to stay.
  9. did some looking around and couldnt really find anything useful for PA, but then again that could just be me not knowing exactly what to look for.
  10. lol, had no idea :D All i knew is that i was surfing around on the net.
  11. Stumbled across this one: http://www.johan-potgieter.com/leatherlearn/ I am not sure where i should have posted this so I put it in here. Would have looked at it longer but i saw video tutorials, watched one, and wanted to post before i fell asleep on my keyboard. -Jarl
  12. So I havent been able to find any books at my local bookstores about book binding. What I was hoping to do was make like a sketch book or something like that with nice carved covers and spine which theoretically I think I could put together. I was thinking of using a thicker leather close to a saddle leather and using a V gouge to differentiate between spine and the two covers but the problem comes down to how to do the pages and so forth. If anyone could throw any useful information in my direction or point me towards a decent book I would greatly appreciate it. -Jesse
  13. Hey everyone! Not sure if this is the right spot for this one but... Well its from the tandy motorcycle accessory pattern pack that i picked up this morning. Decided that i would practice/try to carve something and this is what happened. Any help would be welcome as I would like to get better but dont really have a teacher other than what I read around here on the forums and various other sites and a book by stohlman. -Jesse
  14. Thanks muchly for the kind thoughts. I am currently entering my last semester of a BA in Animal Science so when the semester starts up again (for the last time ) I will have a surgery class, pathology and diseases, a class in criminal justice to keep things interesting, and finally a class for my capstone (graduationish/semithesoral) project.
  15. thanks I hadnt thought of bookmarks that should be quick and easy. It's not so much busy as it is stressing. Growing up with a father as a cabinet maker I find that working with my hands be it wood or leather lets me unwind a bit.
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