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  1. can you make a template of a backpack ! but it will cost 100-150 $ if you are interested please mail me denisfilatov.df@gmail.com
  2. I'm not going to sell it ! my brother's birthday, I want him to make a gift ! I am interested in the size of the parts which need to bend !
  3. Hi Guys ! can u tell me who is this template ? Size Dimensions: 14" long x 11" wide
  4. photos do you have on it ? the grade you ordered ?
  5. tell English bridle how good was that? how do you sort of took ? could not take a picture of the skin on both sides? thanks in advance!
  6. Hi Guys ! tell me where you can buy a leather full-grain 3.5 oz English Bridle leather? for a very long time looking for the bridle and they're all thick !
  7. Sorry for my English boiler to say I redid it in AI format !
  8. The friends I made this layout in Ai format for CS3 . maybe someone'll need . download templates here! https://yadi.sk/d/COh7YF3Md7uVM
  9. thank you very much . have been looking for this template !
  10. thank you very much ! sorry if I posted in rough shape ! my English is very bad !
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