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  1. Looking for advice on building a new shop/building as part of a new leather business. This is not a question about converting my existing garage-my shop is already in my garage. Has anybody done this? Any experiences/recommendations for financing as part of the business? I will be getting with my accountant for input but just want to get any ideas or lessons learned from the leather workers. Thanks for any help.
  2. The riders review says it all and is the most important opinion!!! Nice saddle!!! The deer by the way look just like old traditional German carvings of deer/game. Nice work.
  3. Congrats on a nice saddle!! I am also a novice maker but here is some constructive input: Leather weight- looks a little thin since the seat and jockeys look like they are sinking down with gravity. Chances are it wont improve with rider weight and time. Consider a different tannery or more weight. Seat ears and buttons- I can't really see ears just the buttons but both sides are up to high where the cantle meets the seat. A riders back side may rub on those. Should be down below and slightly even but behind the cantle on both sides where it connects to the tree. Also- the leather cut in should be more of a rounded tight curve than what looks like a straight cut in towards the seat ear/button concho on the photo. Bottom larger concho is already folding up at petals which is sign of thinner and looser leather choice. Same photo-the stitching as you know looks a little sloppy- looks like that cursed machine took a vacation for a bout 2 or 3 stitches while you were doing the whole seat. They look like they pulled out or skipped. Not sure if you could have gone back over after pulling that section or not. Something to actually practice with your machine. I would not bother stitching around the seat as a reference but that is me. Cantle- straight up is the real tough one to do visually though simpler to get to the back side. From the photos- hard to tell how well you did with the hand stitching. The cut line of the left over material looks a little inconsistent or wiggly. The right tool helps but still no guarantee cause everybody will see it (at least that is the way I think but not really completely true-you will always see it) until it gets a little dust and dirt from first couple of rides. Rear billets- right or off side rear billet buckle holes or the stitching appears off center. Great stamping! Hope this helps
  4. Brilliant work!!! I am looking at making a set of same style shotgun chaps and I do want to ask for my own knowledge a question on the fit. They look well fit in the photo but I can't tell for sure-what is the feedback on the leg length while saddled? The right leg inseam looks like it may just come a little short while standing-normally they touch the ground plus a little when standing. I have noticed as with a pair of jeans, having an extra length of 1-3 inches is important when seated on the saddle otherwise they track up. Any feedback is appreciated!
  5. Nice work on the 2 items. This is delayed feedback but probably timely- I would recommend you get with the rider and ask for his/her inputs as to the performance and design so you can improve on future builds. Some thoughts as a rider that has used nylon horn bags: There is not alot of room up front where the bags will hang. Yours are about 9 inches wide so evaluate that width vs. rider preference while riding out. Also check the length and see where they ended up hanging and adjust as necessary. Take a look at the horn mount hole and see if it is sized correctly. Obviously the bags need to pass over the horn so it must be wide enough for that. They also need to stay on the horn in a canter and too wide of a hole and depending on weight of the bag/holster and they could pop off unexpectedly. Nylon bags have more of an overlapping slot that allows the bags to go over the horn but also creates an overlapping strap to retain the bags under the horn cap. Gun holster- definitely recommend adding a strap that goes over the pistol frame by the hammer to hold that thing in the holster while riding. There is no reason for speed in a draw situation that cant be met with a simple strap. Takes a long time to find something you dropped on the trail or worse in the rough. Hope that helps.
  6. I am interested in the set. PM sent Ed
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