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  1. I just did a search on google...Amazon had some but they’re now unavailable. Dadgummit!
  2. I am looking for a tab to shop for Concho turners. I’m sure I had ordered them in here a few years ago but I’m having trouble finding them this time...may be due to my old iPad. Thank you in advance for any help!
  3. Juki 1508H air powered machine for sale. I bought it from my mentor 7 years ago when I bought out his shop. Frankly, it intimidates me! ...I’m comfortable with my Cobra & that’s all I need. But I’m looking to upgrade to a Cobra Class 4. So this one has to go & then my Class 3 will go. This Juki will go as fast as you want (reason for intimidation)!!! I’m not a super fast stitcher. I prefer slow & steady! I would rather it be picked up as I’m not sure how to go about shipping something like this. Located in So IL. Additional pics available upon request. $2200 OBO Saw a new one online for $3595
  4. Willing to do a trade if i have what you need? I have a Juki LU1508H air powered machine. I would be willing to deliver & pickup. I am in So IL. I can send pictures if you’re interested.
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