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  1. Bindlund

    Holes Blowout On Opposite

    TinkerTailor- Thats a great idea! thanks for the advice! I did solve my problem. Turned out it was my chisel that was doing the damage. I went into my leather supplier and asked tons of questions to as what could be causing the blowout. One guy there, out of 4 people, asked which chisel I was using. I was using an osborne 700 chisel, which is great, but it gets wider as it goes away from the point, that extra thickness of the stem of each point created the blowout. He ended up letting me use one of his personal chisels that got the job done. Attached are photos of the two. Left is the osborne 700. Thank You everyone! Here is the photo mentioned above
  2. Bindlund

    Holes Blowout On Opposite

    I havent applied any finish to the leather yet. I usually use aussie leather conditioner after I get done sewing up the sides. Thats funny that you've had that happen before to herman oak leather, I thought it was a high quality leather.
  3. Today I was making a laptop case from 6/7 ounce veg tan herman oak. I used masters contact cement to glue the fold over body of the case. After marking my lines where I want my stitch, I punched my holes as usual. The side where I made my holes with a 5 prong punch tool, (sharpened with jewelers rouge) before hand, so my tool was sharp. After stitching up one side of the case, I noticed that the thread was going underneath the stitch line on the opposite end, like the punch on the opposite end blew out. Does anyone know why this might have happened? Right now Im using a polyurethane cutting board. Im wandering if the density of the cutting board doesn't allow for the tool to penetrate the leather fluidly through both sides of the 6/7 ounce veg tan. Anyone have any ideas or advice? Thanks attached is a photo
  4. Bindlund

    Dyeing Veg Tan For My Leather Box

    Thanks you guys. Turns out Eco-Flow water based isn't the best stuff. I re-sprayed with fiebings dark brown oil based and looks much more even. Thanks for the tips and tricks guys, definitely good advice to store away for next time
  5. I bought a fine mist sprayer to apply the eco-flo water stain to my veg tan. The fine mist sprayer is inconsistent in its spraying pattern. some build up in spots, more so than others in the spray pattern. Plus using the fine mist sprayer your arm gets tired especially doing a large piece because you have to constantly squeeze the trigger. anyhow, i finished spraying it, ran out of dye, 3/4 way through the project, so I wiped the dye in one motion, now I have streaks. Anyway to fix this? Products? Process? In the photo shown is what it looks like now, with dye and the box pattern flattened out