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  1. Thanks, I am looking to do a 26" western Girth for a riding treatment center.
  2. Raising an old subject, but new to me. Starting many leather projects which will require sewing to reinforce the seams, however I am hand stitching. I know the Tandy needles are a pain to use and often break. I have heard of John James needles however I goofed, did not write a note or make a verbal note. What is a good size of thread to use for wallets, belts and messenger bags?
  3. Me are jealous, enjoy Sam is a Great crafter and excellent teacher. What is the pattern? You guys enjoy and treat him as only he should be treated, wish I could be there.
  4. Sebc, if there are any classes you can get to, GO and enjoy. Yes, you might mess-up a piece of leather but learning something you will do. Design you own wallet, belt, messenger bag or table center piece cover. There are classes taught very reasonably, most at only the cost of tools and leather you use, yes you can learn tons from you-tube but the staff at least in the Round Rock store is great to be with. Good luck, enjoy your new craft.
  5. Man has inflation taken effect over the past years over 100% the saying use to be a penny for your thoughts.
  6. JM,I currently use a rotary cutter. I only wish I had a suggestion on a sheath for a head knife. Enjoy your crafting, most important is be safe.
  7. Hello Earl, Tandy Leather has stores in Cleveland, F airfield, and Columbus. Cleveland looks like a good stretch for a day trip. I am still using Tandy as they are really close to my home, and their tools thus far meat my needs.
  8. Suggest Ruler have cork on the back, less skidding on your work 1 pound hammer, I find it better. My original kit came with a 1/2 pound hammer, I really had to work, wondering if some of my errors were as result. 90 degree ruler, look at your work area and buy the proper size, I over bought
  9. Not a problem, enjoy and be safe.
  10. Suggestion, granite can cost a bundle. Save that purchase until you go to an area near a cabinet shop, I got mine for free.
  11. Thanks for your input, thinking of selling for $25 each or set of 6 for $125.00
  12. My offering to you as my latest attempts into the leather working craft. This is my first attempt at sewing without any supervision. BTW: for those who wonder a sharp Awl into the finger does heart somewhat Mason Jar Kozzi, Carved and left natural, Butterfly Carving, tooling and painting, then stiching to make a weight for tooling
  13. Mustangman2, only wish I knew more about the product, I do know it works great with some processes in leather work, in some very small amounts.
  14. Tandy has dropped blockout in the past few years. Though some of the instructors teaching at Tandy still have some of the formula. Any ideas where I can get some?? Thanks in advance.
  15. Thor, thanks location unless someone wants to travel differently is a consideration. Unless living on the border and willing to pay the import cost I would not come into the US.
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