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  1. Do you have a straight on shot of your treadle with the clutch? I have a machine with a unmounted 4 pulley clutch and I am unsure how to mount it under the new table top I purchase for my Singer 17-1
  2. Hi everyone, I need help figuring out how to mount a 4 pulley clutch on my Singer Treadle Base. I Googled all the terms I thought would call up a image to help me but I am at a loss. Is there anyone out there that is familiar with old Singer Treadles that can advise me? Your help would be highly appreciated. Sincerely, Bryn Tarr CostumeBiz
  3. Hi Whiz, I will see if I can find some to try. Thank you! Bryn Resetting needle bars??? way outta my league. I will google it though to see what's involved. Thanks Bryn
  4. Hi Everyone, I am looking for help with a needle dilemma I purchased a old Singer 144WSV37 according to all the materials I have read this machine should take a 7 x 3 needle but I bought some and they are too long for the machine. The machine came with only one needle and I cannot read the print on it even with magnifiers. Could I ask y'all to take a look at the needles in the picture? The longer one is a 7 x 3 Organ needle next to it is the needle out of the Singer it is about 1/3 inch shorter... I am stumped could it be a 7 x 19 size 27 needle? I am in desperate need of needles HEEEEEELLLLLPPP! Thank you Bryn
  5. Hey Big Dave will that Adler 169-373 sew 277 thread?

  6. I am getting ready to sell mine once I find a motorized machine.
  7. I am looking at a used one now are there replacement belts available? Bryn
  8. Welcome to Del Nero Designs we offer limited run one of a kind and small runs of High end Costumes, Accessories and Props. Our award wining designer Bryn Tarr is an experienced seamstress, sculptor and leather worker. She creates beautiful works of art and theatrical quality Costumes, Accessories and Props. Bryn has wowed crowds and competes in Costume competitions, most recently Anime Expo 2017 Best in Class Masters, Stan Lee's LA Comic Con 2016 - "2nd Place Masters Ensembles", Long Beach Comic Con 2016 - "Best Sewing Construction" ,San Diego Comic con - Honorable mention Most Humorous, Anime Expo 2016 - "Best Construction" , Long Beach Comic con 2015 "Best Fabrication" , 1st Place at Nerd Con 2015, 2nd Place at the premiere of Cosplay Dreams 3D 2015, and several awards at Comic-con International’s Masquerade years 2011, 2012 and 2013. Bryn's Armor has been featured in the Epic Skyrim Fan Film "Skyrim Into the Void" and "Skyrim The Aftermath" and her work can also…

  9. Looking for a list of older sewing machines that can handle #277 and #346 thread and also for a used machine at a reasonable price. Am sewing thick leather straps have been using my Hand crank Boss but need to move onto a motorized machine. Thank you! Bryn
  10. I bought these tools on Ebay believing them to be Saddle making creasers/edgers. Looking to find out how to use them. They are from the mid 1800's made in Paris!
  11. I bought these tools on ebay.. I believe them to be Creasers for saddle making.. Most are from Paris circa mid 1800's. Does anyone out there use these types of tools?
  12. That's thinking outside the box! Great creativity I love the combinations..I'm still working from tutorials..have'nt experimented yet. Bryn
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