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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post these instructions! Much appreciated!
  2. I've been asked to make a set of luggage straps for the roof rack of a 1956 Fairlane Country Sedan. I've been unable to find any photos of originals and am wondering if anyone has any bright ideas as to how to attach the straps to the frame of the roof rack. I'm thinking two straps - one with a buckle at the end and the other with a tongue, which could then be buckled up over the top of the suitcases. The tongue end could be looped around the frame and back through a D-ring or a keeper, but am at a loss about the buckle end as the buckle wouldn't fit through a D or a keeper. Any ideas?
  3. My machine has since been sold so I never got to restore it, but thank you anyway. I hope you are able to find the needles - I'm sure there is someone on this site who can help - possibly gordond who helped me with identifying the machine & who has also restored a BUSM.
  4. I recently aquired this machine and am would like to find out more about it. Can anyone help me with identifying which model it is? Also if it is complete - it looks to be all there and the machine turns over, even if it is a little stiff, but not knowing much about the machine it's hard to tell if everything is where it should be! I'd like an idea of its value and if it is worth trying to get it going again.
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