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  1. I had to go read the rules. Here’s my number. Call me or text if you’d like 254-979-0797
  2. Good afternoon, I have a Randell union lock sewing machine, I’d be willing to sell. It’s in really good shape. It was totally overhauled by bogle-greenwell. I have a manual, parts book, extra parts, tools, different plates, stirrup plate, roll Guide , thread and lots of needles and awls. Different sizes. And lot more stuff for it than I can remember. I’m in Brenham Texas. Half way between Houston and Austin
  3. I have all the equipment in order to run a boot and shoe repair shop. Heel Wheel, Auto Sole Nibbler, Auto Soler, Sutton Finishing Machine (model f411), American C stitcher model 66 (like a lock stitcher McKay it heats up). Sutton num keg (models n-j). Several other small machines and gadgets. Various hand tools, thread, boot and shoe stretchers, lasts, filler and padding, neoprene and neolight, box's of sand paper, soles, heels, half soles (rubber, leather and plastic).Please for call for more information. 254-979-0797 Located in Comanche, TX Asking $5,250
  4. Well I thank y'all for yalls replys. Heck I wasn't forsure. I'd hate to spend the money on it and it leave marks. So better safe than sorry. So gold , silver or platinum shouldn't be a problem. I was wanting to get one with that had deep engraving on it. So once again I thank y'all.
  5. Hey I got a question that I hope someone will know. I'm going to get a wedding ring and I know some metal will make black marks where it comes in contact with wet leather. Beings I'm a saddle maker and a tooler. I'll spend lots of time with my hands on wet leather. Any ideas. Or the kind of rings y'all may have. Thank you
  6. landis model 30 six inch crank leather splitter. It's in great working shape. About 3 years ago I sent it to Campbell-Randall machine company in Yoakum ,Texas to get it over hall and adjusted . There they put in new tension springs , new rollers, new blade and a few other things to get it Fix up and in great working order $1250. Call or text 325-330-3888.
  7. pinkchaps

    Foot press

    Foot press The makers name I can't make out what it says. The paints to thick. But it's like new and is in great shape and comes with few attachments and roughy 50 Tandy 3D stamps $700 and or open to trades. Located in Comanche Texas call or text 325-330-3888
  8. Extremely rare, T. Dixon plough gauge Made in Walsall, England, over a hundred years ago .This is the Cadillac of plough gauge's. It has all the bells and whistles and is in great working shape. Price to sale, $850. call or text for more information 325-330-3888.
  9. I have a Set of Robert Beard (pro series tools) Pebble backgrounders #CPB1 and #CPB3 used one time. $200 for the pair call or text 325-330-3888
  10. I have a 12 oz Barry King strait maul for sale.Its lighter than the lightest one he has in his catalog . I got him to custom make it for me It's Been used one time, It's really light And feels good in your hand I really like it on thin leather But. I can't tell a big difference in it and the one I use all the time. So I'm gonna sale it. I'll take $50 dollars for it and I'll pay the shipping in the USA. Thank you
  11. Completely wrong It's noting like a craft aid. If you look the picture of it. The only swivel knife used was for the decorative cuts. It cuts the lines for you. If used in the manner it was made for. But. It's like a cookie-cutter. There Designed to mash down and cut out a cookie out of dough But that's not sayin you can't light touch it to the dough and then get out the your knife and cut the lines of dough By hand.but that's not the intended use. And as for other ?s. It's 8 1/2 inches And what do they cause new. Hard to say. It's like buying clicker dies. more corners , curves and complex the more it cost. But base $165 and up. I'd say no more than $350 . And not trying to be rude. If someone is asking a question about something someone else has for sale. I would be very hesitant in answering the question for them in less with out a shadow of doubt I was 100% right. Because it can hurt. All three party's
  12. I can't remember the name. It don't say one it. I had it made. There not in business anymore
  13. delrin It's like some kind of supper hard plastic, it's like the same stuff some make maker stamps out of.
  14. Weaver master tool. Draw Gauge. Latta Pattern (twist handle) Used,but its still in perfect shape with a extra fancy wood handle. I'll take a $100. For it. I looked this morning at weavers web site and there price was $225.
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