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  1. Bob Park has a thread on here on burnishing. Are you gluing the leather together? A paraffin/beeswax mix helps a lot. Glycerin soap will help with initial burnish and I find it helps with overall look. Then after that use paraffin/beeswax to seal it. Hope this helps Mike
  2. Might also want to put a spring in there to make the jaws open when tension is released.....Just a suggestion Mike
  3. The Angylus Rose alcohol dye will produce the same color. Looks nice but please turn in your man card at the front desk....LOL
  4. I am not totally suer but I have used 138 with no problem
  5. I have one of these.......nice price and good machine!!
  6. Try Scott Somerlatte on FB........he is local to Tx and does wonderful work
  7. I think they will probably not respond..............this thread is over 3 years old!!
  8. The purple is caused by left over pigment sitting on top. Let it dry thoroughly and then buff vigorously before sealing. this will take the excess dye solids off the top and make the blue come out again.
  9. Yep..............wrapping an acoustic will deaden the sound a significant amount. But it does look great. My main suggestion would be doing a double loop or mexican round braid around the edges to help hide the cut edges. If you are going to do a loop lace edge like you did on this one I would also suggest burnishing the edges to give it a more finished look. JMHO Mike
  10. Part of the answer would depend on where you are located. A suitable resist would work and the availability of the various products varies by location. (you can't get the good stuff overseas or in California). After using a resist (I always use 2 coats) you would allow this to dry completely and then wipe on the resist and then immediately buff off with a soft cloth such as tshirt material or wool padding. Wyosheen or Clear Lac are my personal first choices for a resist. JMHO Mike
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