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  1. hahahahaha...yes, we have attorneys here...for better or worse... I remember seeing those circle tools before...thought about buying one, but holy cow...yes, I would be a bit upset at having to shell out $70 for one with all the fees and all...and the slow shipping. I have amazon prime too...they have slacked off a lot on their delivery commitments over here lately. Glad that it is still speedy for you... For the round cases I make, I thought about getting the circle tool from them...but I ended up buying a vintage leather circle cutter from Sheridan Leather. It works pretty nicely...I think I need a smaller one for the smaller boxes though as it is made for about 5-10" circles...I have to switch around the blades backwards to cut smaller circles and it doesn't always work well. Sometimes, folks will offer a shipping service to help folks overseas...I'm not sure if anyone on here would offer that service...I am away from home too often to be able to offer a reliable service like that.
  2. I'm not sure what it is that you bought, but I am sorry that happened to you. That sucks! Was it shipped via UPS? I've heard really horrible things about their so-called "brokerage fees"...
  3. I'm not going to waste time searching through countless flea market bays trying to find this buckle. That could take years and I just don't have the luxury of countless hours of free time to do that. If I have to, I'll end up making my own. Would prefer to buy one...I am sure I've seen these buckles around in the past, so someone has to sell them somewhere.
  4. I know this is an old thread, but I need one of these buckles also...I'd rather buy one ready-made instead of having to fabricate something that may or may not work well. Any sources for buckles like this would be welcome...except OTB...pretty sure they don't have them anyway though last time I looked at their catalog. Please don't tell me to go check different places...I've already checked all the regular vendors...that's why I'm asking if someone for sure has a source for these. Thanks...
  5. I sell on ebay and the "watchers" count in "my ebay" shows the same number as the public-facing page...just FYI... ...and I very highly doubt there were more earlier since he dropped the price...that should (in theory) create *more* watchers...not get people to stop watching.
  6. From this previous thread on this...(http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=55104) http://www.pethardware.com/en/chains-and-chainlets/martingale-chain-1074/
  7. TXAG

    Thin Awls

    Ok, again -- how thin are the blades? There are numerous other threads that cover awl blades in general...I am, like the OP, really only interested in hearing about great quality ***thin*** awl blades (diamond-shaped) for 9SPI or higher. Last time I looked at fineleatherworking.com, they had an extremely tiny selection available. Thanks.
  8. TXAG

    Thin Awls

    I'm not sure how thin those awls are...I am also looking for thinner awls for finer hand stitching, same as the OP... Also, I already have an excellent awl handle.
  9. TXAG

    Thin Awls

    I guess it would be too much to ask for a US-manufactured source of these? I have read in several places that the asian stuff is poorly made, made of inferior metal and dulls easily, etc.
  10. Way too many variables to answer...1 ft^2 from which part of the hide? Just one square foot?? Veg tan or otherwise? etc. etc.
  11. You might want to check with the person to make sure it's ok to solder anything to the back of the coin...many times, they have sentimental meaning (and both sides are decorated) and they may not want someone soldering anything to it in case they wanted to remove it later. Also, many coins are enameled (and enameled on both sides)...I'm not sure how enamel will hold up to high heat to solder the screw to it. I'd be angry if someone soldered anything to one of my coins...so...might want to check with them before doing anything like that. Maybe they won't care, but I'd check first.
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