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  1. Erystawi

    Vegetable Tanned Goatskin- Uses?

    Thank you No, I usually dont dip dye, I use different paintbrushes for watercolor etc. Larger ones for larger projects.
  2. Erystawi

    Vegetable Tanned Goatskin- Uses?

    I use a nat veg tanned goat, fattened, for halters, lining and wallet interior. Soft strong leather hide. Heres a pic of the halter (its the pink lining, a bit difficult to dye beacause of the fat)
  3. Erystawi

    Newest crop of collars

    So much beauty! Stunning art <3
  4. Erystawi

    My latest Dog Collar

  5. Made a halter for..... (I dont know the term "å ha hest på fôr" in english, but me and my daughter have a horse once a week as "our own") ...for a horse called Redeema, as a christmas gift Veg tan Norwegian Bridle, veg tan goat that I dyed pink, padded traditional with wool.
  6. Erystawi

    Naming my leather business/shop

    I like Crooked K Leather, Kaitlyn Hoffman Leather but wondering why you dont want it feminine?
  7. Erystawi

    Knives for leather

    Oh my so beautiful! I want one!
  8. Erystawi

    Student's halter

    Really nice halter
  9. Erystawi

    Bridle with drop noseband

    No it's Ok I only borrowed the model-horse for the pictures, it's way too big for her, and we couldn't adjust it any more. The pictures only for showing the bridle
  10. Erystawi

    Bridle with drop noseband

    Thank you for so nice words This one I used, is already dyed black from the tannery, its norwegian "english bridle" called "remlær" in norwegian. The calf for the padding is the only thing I dyed myself. The leather also comes in natural color, so it can be dyed in any color of choise. (i'll add that the reins are not handmade, only there to complete the image/leading the beautiful danish warmblood girl). Eva