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  1. Really really nice! I have been wanting one like it for myself.... Waiting for my skills to be sufficient!
  2. The big red is about $45 higher, but I am happy that I got it, and would do it again.
  3. The main difference I think between Tandys Keen Edge and Chuck Smiths big red is that the big red comes with an aluminum fixture block that is manufactured with a 30* angle. The Keen edge doesn't have this feature, you need to look at the sk blade angle and approximate the ground bevel on the blade to a flat surface. Maybe using a protractor with the keen edge would help.
  4. Halitech, do you use water and beeswax regularly? I will have to give this a go.
  5. All of this is very good stuff. I am doing another wallet tonight, and it has just been a struggle to get a good impression, seems I fought it all evening. It may be the casing...the leather seemed a little funky. I did also notice a bit of bench bounce. I think the next time the "force" is not with me, I will hang it up for the evening...lol.
  6. I guess this post comprises several questions. 1) My stamping is requiring me to strike the tool way to hard and more than needed. 2) the impression is not as "crisp" as I would like it. I know that I need a heavier maul or mallet...I am currently using my mallet (1 lb.) because I can not adequately control the maul (also 1 lb.) because of the force required. The leather I am currently using is probably 10 to 12 oz. I am using a craftool pro basket weave. Is a 3 lb. maul adequate? Also, will a more expensive stamp help any with the crispness issue? Sorry for such a disjointed narrative of my problem....thanks in advance for you guys help and advice!
  7. Yes you did, and you aren't kidding. After using this puppy I can't imagine being without it.
  8. I just received my Big Red Sharpening fixture from Chuck Smith, put my sk blade in and got it lined up, then spent the next hour sharpening and stripping. I have been doing this little chore by hand. Now, I'm not the best around at sharpening knives, but neither am I a slouch. This fixture put an edge on this blade Big Time! The sk glides through this Tandy leather like butter! I can't imagine using H.O leather. I am really surprised by the edge on this blade, and highly recommend this fixture.
  9. I dig that pattern. And I am thinking hatband....I need a new straw and something like that might fit the ticket
  10. Should have looked before I posted. I found this subject in an older forum post. I am still wondering if I can do this without a splitter and other accoutrements.
  11. Thanks for the kind words g. The belt is a run of the mill $14.99 belt blank from Tandy. No backing, just regular veg- tan. My finish consisted of 3 coats of super sheen painted on the stamp, 6 hours apart and allowed to dry overnight....about 7-8 hours. I used Fiebings Tan, applied with a wool dauber...I would do both sides about 10" worth, and wipe off the excess with a rag from old t-shirt. Then I did the same thing with Tandy gel antique. The rest was just stitching, burnishing and coating the edges, Thanks again.
  12. I would like to try a western tooled belt with hair-on calfskin inlay. My problem is that I have not seen any tutorials or any type of how to. For now, I would like to keep it as simple as possible. I'm guessing the belt would be an inch and a half wide, two layers of 10/12 ounce? As for the cut-out for the in-lay I am kinda clueless. Does anyone know of a site or literature, patterns, or even verbal instruction? I would like a traditional saddle stitch as I have no experience with a buck stitch. Also no billet on this belt, just a traditional English round point.. Help anyone? Thanks
  13. I went gold when I started messing with leather March 1st....I already wished I'd chosen elite I went gold when I started messing with leather March 1st....I already wished I'd chosen elite
  14. I just finished the second half of this practice piece.... Starting to look at the use of tools more like a pencil...following the principles of light and shade. I think the flower grouping on the right hand side look much better than on the left
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