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  1. All you guys on this blog are great, thanks for all the help
  2. I've decided to pass on it, I'm going to look into a cowboy 4500 new in box where I hopefully won't have to worry about problems for a long while. I recently retired from the fire service and what seemed like overnight my hobby exploded into a business, so I'm going to need something reliable and strong, can anyone help me out with financing a new cowboy 4500?
  3. Thanks for your help! Worth the price?
  4. I've been offered two 29-4 singers one works and one for parts for $450. My questions are is it worth the price? What thickness leather can it sew? I need to be able to sew two pieces of 8-9 oz and who repairs them in here? Thanks so much!
  5. Yeah I retired two weeks ago from injury, where are you from? Maybe we can make something happen. I'd prefer to work from home now anyway, I got turned down from two jobs already because of the injury, not the body I used to have, fd, plumbing business, and tree removals, but I could sit at my bench all day and work. Message me sometime, let's talk.
  6. I made my first radio pouch for someone recently, I've also done suspenders on request, and some hippie bags, I do charge for the time and materials. Anyway, I've gotten four orders in a day for the pouches, and possibly 30 more for an EMS service. There is a fire dept muster coming up in September near me, I'm looking to get rid of some gear, boots, helmets, and memorabilia at their flea market, I'm toying with the idea of making some more pouches, keepers, even key fobs to see how they sell.
  7. Thanks man it means a lot to me. I've recently retired from the fd and I'm on the fence about turning this from hobby to business but I'm weary about it.
  8. With 60 lbs of gear and scba a buckle digging in your chest is the last thing you need, thanks for the compliment, I posted pics on Facebook and now I have four more orders for them, I bought a side of 9 oz veg tan today to start filling them.
  9. Thanks, where can I find needle tip bottle applicators? That's funny you said that, I thought of taking some 1cc syringes from the firehouse with a small catheter and try that
  10. Anybody have a trick on how to paint 3/4" 3D alphabet stamps with the main body color then a second border color? Attempted it once and it was bad, nothing on YouTube to reference. A lot of fire department leather work uses this technique and I'm trying to get it down for fire radio straps I'm making, thanks in advance!
  11. I use Tandy paint, I just took my time with it,crime the excess and it will take two or more coats, allow it to dry thoroughly before adding another coat. That is a 72" strap cut to length with a brass buckle for length adjustment and trigger snaps on the ends to attach into grommets
  12. Thanks, it was indeed awlivers I have to order some more from him as a matter of fact thanks for reminding me of his name!
  13. It was my first.... I did notice the square marks, I get so nervous of screwing it up that I over emboss it, secondly, through experience, the radio straps we are issued have the mic clip too high, when packaging patients or donning gear we tend to hit the mic with our chin and transmit and our dispatchers hate us for that. It lands just about "nipple" height for the user. I need to work on centering the names on the strap, he was very happy with it, so I am happy for that! Also, when we enter a fire most guys habitually unclip the mic and draw it out through our collar and let it hang free, as long as the radio is protected under our gear.
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