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  1. Hi Everyone (: So for quite some time now I've been struggling to find a Tangle Boss swivel knife. But unfortunately every time I'd attempted to contact Tanglefoot Traders Inc. through their webshop, I can't seem to get a response... I'm not sure if Tim, the maker has been active in creating these again recently or not. If so, I'd love to be able to contact him directly; especially because of my tendency to struggle with classic sk carving due to a reoccurring hand injury. I thought this style of sk seemed to be a great solution. If anyone has any other contact info. for T.F. Traders or a used TangleBoss they would be willing to sell, I'd be very appreciative and could pay promptly via Paypal. Hope you all have a great Holiday Season and thanks for any help! (attached is a pic via the Tanglefoot website)
  2. Hey guys, I wanted to share my leather dinosaur kits with you ~ I'd been working on these for over two and a half years and premiered them for the first time at a fun little workshop in Sheridan, WY, at the Rocky Mtn. Trade Show ~ I'd been asked by other leather artists when they could get their own kits and left them waiting for a long time while I finished instructions, videos and finalized patterns.... I'm happy to say that they're finally available now on Kickstarter! "Skelosaurz Leather Fossils" just launched a few days ago and has had the honor of being selected from the over 5K projects as one of the few hundred KS staff-picks for "projects we love" which is awesome and exciting for the future of little leather dinos ! Early Bird T-Rex Kits start at $45 plus shipping & finished models are also available... You can get four different Skelosaurz kits that you can carve up and color any way you like ~ Please check them out so they don't go extinct! Skelosaurz Leather Fossils Kickstarter
  3. Thanks, I suppose that's true now ~though it was a popular tool when it sold at auction... so someone may still know about where it came from. Could be a secret old treasure... (: maybe an old, original Stohlman ~ ? lol just teasing ...but that would be awesome-
  4. Here's a better description since there's only pics to go from: The wood on the saddle is really smooth, fitted & matches the side so I think it was planned... no dirt was left under it after I'd cleaned it (weird shadow maybe from pic taken in direct light). The sk was described as being made of brass, so I cleaned it up carefully with a small brush using ketchup (trick I learned to polish brass without being abrasive) only on those parts and oiled the wood. It made a huge difference. The wood does seem to have been exposed to some humidity.. it's sort of puffed out on the barrel but I'm not sure that I want to sand it down. Being vintage, it probably was sanded in the beginning because I'm not getting splinters from it. I took a long time to clean the whole thing including removing rust from the tiny screws with apple cider vinegar. Took it all apart and used q-tips to get off any dirt inside & out. I almost like finding these older tools just to clean them up... The rough marks on the side of the yoke must be from whoever ground the brass initially, but the surface and edges still feel smooth, not sharp -even as squared off edges. I don't know if an original blade was ever made for it or even possibly lost.. it came with an old ruby Tandy blade. I've bought original sk's from makers who don't make their own blades, so I dunno about that. There doesn't seem to be any reason why you couldn't carve whatever you need with this swivelknife & if no one knows who made it, there's no telling what it was made for...except leatherworking, which to me is art. lol The inside parts weren't crudely made or anything...looked like other sk's I have. Whoever built this tool knew what they were doing and put a lot of care into it. Maybe there's a few scratches and the wood got weathered, but they did a solid job. I wish I knew what kind of wood was used...but can only guess. Unless someone finds another one, it's definitely gonna be a one of a kind for me. (:
  5. Thank you , I thought it was different (: It was a fun sk to polish up too
  6. Hey guys, I've recently purchased a vintage wood and brass swivel knife. I don't know who the maker is... the knife itself is pretty heavy. (pics attached) All I know is it was sold from Texas but I'm not sure that's where it originated. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  7. Thanku, King's (: Chuck Smith's knives would look pretty with an O-ring version added onto an already really nice design. It's probably good I don't get to go this year too- I'd lose all my $ on swivelknives the first day. loL Sheridan's leather con is my fav shopping event of the year!
  8. Thank you, David!! Good to know another FL leather artist (: & I just saw our backyard pond mini gator yesterday evening- he's always hiding in the tall grass...for now, lol
  9. @CowboyDan ~ Lol, thanks (: You could sling it over yourself however & look real awesome anyplace u go, lol @King's X ~ Wow (: That's what they are? Manager Sales Knives from Tandy? Cool !! King's, u know everything (: *I'm also a fan of your blog. I was never sure what the heck they were- the lines looked like Craftool but they were brass and Midas-y looking too...geez. lol. Ya know, I was just being ocd when I hunted them down bc I wanted two with the same yoke handle style- I thought they were beautiful... & used up all my money on them at the time & spent a few days cleaning them up. I designed the holster specially for them too. Thank You for the compliment; I know how much you appreciate your tools & it means a lot.
  10. Chris~ Ya (: It was totally an eBay war- snipe bidded up to nearly $400 flippin dollars... I hope they're happy ! lol So now it's like, bitter, much ? omg (: That's awesome that you grew up here! It's a lovely sunny day out; hope you sometimes manage to make your way back down to visit because it's a lucky place to get to grow up. When I saw these beaches for the first time I was amazed how soft & white the sand was... and the wildlife is fabulous too! Not to mention all the different restaurants & galleries around town with it being such a popular place to visit for all the snowbirds. I guess after college I just ended up being drawn back to the fun in the sun~ lol.
  11. Thank You very much! I'd love to have a Bob Beard swivelknife someday - the black & gold does sound cool...I know he likes making the solid black tools. I definitely have to save up for that (: I might ask Clay Miller if he could do a custom O ring swivelknife for me...though I'm sure he's busy with Sheridan coming up. There's so many beautiful ones; little pieces of art that are pretty addictive ! I was thinking of asking Chuck Smith as well? His swivelknives have a nice, clean look with the solid metal barrels. On another note... do any of you fellows here know whether or not Tanglefoot Traders are still around or in business? Their Facebook and Twitter accounts look pretty inactive since 2013...their last post being 2011...uuhhh. I hope they're okay bc that's odd. I thought they had a neat swivelknife, the "Tangleboss" going there for awhile but have never heard back when I inquired about it. It works like an Xacto swivelknife...which I used before I had a real swivelknife. Kinda cheating a little with it since you aren't practicing your turns by rotating the barrel- but I still think It's really cool (: I won't get to go to Sheridan this year unfortunately; maybe they'll be there?
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