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  1. Colman

    Composition Book Cover

    No. Used different elements from patterns out of Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal, along with some of Jim Linnell's patterns.
  2. Colman

    Cowgirl boots

    Very nice work!
  3. Colman


    Used Cova dyes for all the coloring
  4. Colman


    Made this for the museum fund raiser.
  5. Colman

    Fly Fishing For Trout

    Very Nice work.
  6. Colman


    Been a while since Ive posted. This one turned out pretty good for a change. Johnny
  7. Colman


    Haven't posted in quite a while, here is work from a few months back. Johnny
  8. Another Great piece of work to study!
  9. Colman

    My First Leather Rose Corsage

    Very Nice.
  10. Colman


    Very Nice Work!
  11. Colman

    Boot Strap Award

    Congratulations Bob!
  12. Colman

    Fishing Again

    This is the second time for this pattern, the first one was taken from a local art show. I did a better job on the coloring this time, but practice makes one better. Johnny
  13. Colman

    Sculpted Flowers

    Decided to make the Wife some flowers for her bithday this year. First time for making them, took a while to figure out how to interlock the rose petals. Johnny
  14. Colman

    Woolie Chaps

    NIce!! Now you have to make another one for him. Johnny