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  1. This is the best leather edge paint hands down IMHO. I have no connection just a very pleased customer!
  2. Hi I'm about to start doing a couple vest for some family members using the Tandly leather vest pattern, my question is on the instruction it says "Be sure to allow at least 1/4"-1/2" extra on all edges to turn the leather for a finished edge..." so my question is does this mean for me to cut a half inch extra all the way around the pattern? or is the 1/4"-1/2" already included in the pattern?
  3. No not completely. Here are a few pictures
  4. The stitching around the clasp is nice it added a nice touch
  5. Thank you very much. That is who I contacted about the binder attatchment and they told me I'd have to tap the two holes for it to work
  6. You're always very helpful and I thank you a lot. I really appreciate you taking your time to help explain things to me
  7. Hi everyone I've been looking for a binder attatchment, but my machine does not have the 2 attatchment holes. I'm in South Carolina and have been searching where to find a mechanic who could maybe tap them for me but I have had no luck. Was wondering if anyone knew a mechanic here in SC or if they'd be willing to share their knowledge on how to do it myself. I consider myself pretty handy I just do not know the layout for the attatchment holes. My machine is a consew 227r
  8. Thanks for the help I really appreciate it
  9. Thank you for the help guys. It's mostly for the very top of the bag around the opening like on the totes I make for our boutique. Wouldn't never be really thick material. I stay in the 2-4 oz range.
  10. Can anyone point me in the right direction if there is even one for a binder attatchment for my consew 227r? I mostly do handbags and I could use one that will work with leather for certain bags. Thank you
  11. me either i seen them on etsy though so I kow its possible to get them covered without folds and creases on the corners
  12. yes the black plastic pieces come away from the frame. My wife wants it so I was looking for something chic
  13. Ok thank you. Then do I kinda stretch and glue it in place? Could you point me in the right direction of where I can buy preskived leather?
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