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  1. pattern for the composition books I am wondering if I could get a close up of your measurements on this? Chris
  2. Made this cover to keep my pocket EDC from rattling around
  3. Made this cover to keep my pocket EDC from rattling around
  4. Made this one up for a customer the other day
  5. Yes sorry rivets were added after pic. Customer loves it and sometimes clips it into his inside pocket of his jacket as well
  6. My jean jacket does not have a pen pocket so I made a couple of these the other day. Also got a chance to try out some nice orange thread.
  7. Thought pocket watches were to go in your pocket but the customer is always right Leather lining over the snap inside to protect the crystal of the watch. Chris
  8. Added a pencil holder for him. He used it for 2 days and his knee does not hurt so he was very pleased.
  9. Funny you say that. I can't keep a tape on my pocket but I have a pencil/knife holder with a tape clip and i still have the tape. Who know lol
  10. My mom 's recipes were all scanned by my dad for the kids and grand children so I made this up for mine.
  11. My customer could not find this combo of tape and hammer so we made this one up. Another advantage of this holder is your hammer is not swinging around free smacking you in the knee. Made to fit a Estwing leather handles.
  12. Thanks Yes I used a sewing machine for this one. The leather is from a couple of bundles I got a few years ago. Not really sure what it is but I do like it a lot. The zipper came from fabric land here in Ontario
  13. Got this one done yesterday Thanks for the link on this site to the patterin on Tinder
  14. Thank you all Not sure what this leather is. I got two bundles of half hides years ago. Yes they are money clips
  15. With so much rain up here I was able to get some bench time in and got this journal cover done. Flip down clips to hold the books or papers into the cover.
  16. Fantastic that is just what I was looking for. Thanks again
  17. I am trying to locate some of these old style money clips Tandy had these in their Money Clipper kit. It is a round rod that slides into a slot in the lining and then there is a spring loaded clip that holds the money in. Any help would be great Chris
  18. Thank you all so much. I am not sure how to get a patt. posted. Here is a link to some of my pens. I do a lot of custom work for people building new cap's and bodies to match their old sections that were lever fillers etc. http://s465.photobucket.com/albums/rr15/APPLEMAN320/ Chris
  19. I make custom fountain and roller ball pens and this is a pen case I came up with that you can wear around your neck. Hope you all like
  20. A leather journal that I made up to hold my printed HP 32lb pages
  21. appleman


    I have a large collection of leather tools but I have never seen anything like this before and would like to find some if i could. Thanks Chris
  22. appleman


    I am wondering if anyone knows where to locate these tools? Thanks Chris
  23. I really like this a lot. How thick is it? Really clean lines, Nice and simple, Just what aman needs. Thanks for posting. Chris
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