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  1. Thank you but I guess what I am asking - how do you line the purse if: you are not lacing it and are stitching it so you don't see the seems?
  2. Hi all, I downloaded the pdf I think that Bob Park supplied of his purse patterns; I have a question for anyone else that has tried some of them - or any purse...If you are going to line a purse - how do you do it? Thanks!
  3. After she said that, I understand what she is saying about the leaves. I drew the circles in, then added the directional lines, then added the insides and outsides of the flower stems, then was concerned there was too much white space. But, I think that overall, it is way too crowded.... Thank you for the feedback! C.
  4. For anyone that may be interested, or can help - I have a scanned image of my drawing FINALLY, but it is too large to upload- so if you are interested, I can send it via email Charlene
  5. Hi there- I can do one better than that even! I can send you my pattern drafting! Will send you a PM...I got a new ink cartridge today, and even though that has NOTHING to do with scanning, for some reason our printer-scanner-copier won't do any operation if out of ink...so hopefully will fix the trouble! Actually - can you pm me your email? Charlene
  6. Hi there - I am TRYING to get this scanned, and am having a hard time - still working on it! Thanks Michael Charlene
  7. I was able to see Mr. Maxwell demo this tool at the Pendleton leather show. I placed an order but unfortunately had to cancel it due to family circumstances; but the tool is amazing. I have bursitis and carple tunnel in my hand, and I watched him work for over 1/2 hour. It was amazing. NOt only would it definately I believe help me, and help my pain issues...I will be getting one sooner or later.
  8. Hello all, I got one of the Tandy downloads for a purse, it is from a pattern (old retired) but I wanted to make a Sheridan tooling pattern for it. I am NOT good at drawing them, but did take a stab at it.....problem is I can't get it to look right. I put originally 6 large flowers in it, and at the bottom curve one smaller one. Does anyone have time to help me finish this so I can move forward to actual purse construction? I would also LOVE to get some help on what I need to fix....the picture is not that good, there is really only one edge that is acceptable, the other side even though I tried to finish it isn't working out. THANK YOU for any help you can give me Happy Holidays!! Charlene
  9. Hello - if possible can I also get them? Email is cstovin@msn.com- thank you so much!!
  10. lol...I don't even know how to answer that...the one he gave me out of fabric has a loop for belt, then the loop around the knife handle to secure the knife. I KNOW I have several "how to" articles in the leather crafters and saddlers journal, but short of thumbing through several 100 copies, I know if I could just get ahold of the index that would help a ton :0) thank you Charlene
  11. Hi all, I got stopped by my neighbor this morning that wants a knife sheeth for his knife; I have several years worth of the leather crafters and saddlers journal, and I have an index somewhere...after tearing the shop appart for a few hours, I cant find the article index but I know they have several articles on how to make a knife sheeth! Does anyone have a leather crafters and saddlers journal article index that they could help me quickly look up where (what issue) the articles for making knife sheeths are located? Otherwise it is going to take me another two weeks to thumb through my magazones to find them! HELP PLEASE lol Charlene
  12. Hi there - I know we have the Market Place....since there isn't (that I know of) a "blue book" for leather stitching machines, I was trying to see what people that have the experience and knowledge might think my machine might be worth in "next to new" condition. If only $1200 it isn't worth selling to me; I'll keep it. I realize that new ones right now are about $2100; I was just trying to get a good range of it's worth before I determined if I offered it up for sale - but thank you for the suggestion, it is something to keep in mind! Charlene
  13. OK - maybe it is the 3000; the 9" arm.......
  14. OK, I admit I am a bit on the slow side (lol) but I can't figure this out - the tooling and carving are BEAUTIFUL....but what is it? PLEASE don't laugh at me......
  15. Hi all, I have a BARELY used Toro 2000 that I love, it MAYBE has about 10 hours total on it; I bought it when Steve was still at the company, and I bought it to use for saddle construction and just haven't got that far. I just got laid off of my job and am thinking of selling it, but I have no idea what used machines are selling for or what a fair asking price would be for it. I had to have the bobbin casing replaced because (my fault) I broke a needle and that somehow damaged the original casing, other than that....it is in new condition. Any ideas what it might be worth? I think I paid $2150 plus the shipping, obviously I can't recover shipping costs....but I don't think there is a blue book for sewing machines available either? Thank you Charlene
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