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  1. Rubber cement and X-ray film for heavy embossing
  2. Marvellous . True craftsman quality work . And different . Love your work LR !!!!!
  3. Here's a tip for your sewing machine motor . Make sure your pulley size is correct , if you run your machine too fast itll do it no good . Each machine has on optimal speed .
  4. Onya Steve ! Better late than never . Never got into horse stuff , saddle making is a trade on its own and the people who do it deserve credit I say . Good luck mate , this is the place to be if you need help with saddle making!!!
  5. Ok , what is Herman oak ? I've been using argentine veg double butts from NSW leather . Reasonable price and excellent epidermis layer that is great for anyone stamping . Been using Argentina leather for quite some time now and it has always measured up . Having said that , if there is something better again , I would like to try it . How much ? What thicknesses ?
  6. Keep that thought process alive and you'll do well . Good luck!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Howie , I tried Birdsalls topcoats and polishes a few years ago . They had very similar products to what I used to use but they were that diluted I might as well have used water out of the tap for all the good they did . Might give them another look . I guess it's a bit hard to water down needles and blades . Cheers .
  8. Just dug out all my old stuff . Brushed the rust off and getting going again . I can't buy any of the dyes I used to buy or antique & polish . I've started trying products out from leather finishes Australia, seem ok . I need some help with where to buy decent embossing hide , roo lacing and pieces , dyes & antique . I'm from the Newcastle area & there is nothing available here . Dyes and antiques I've used from Sydney are so overpriced and watered down I feel they are really taking advantage of us . Tandy looks so overpriced I wouldn't even bother with them . I used to buy rivets etc from Marish years ago .From what I've seen the best products come out of the US , correct me if I'm wrong . Need some serious help here brothers & sisters . Cheers Dave . Ps what are topic tags ?
  9. Awesome !!!!! It just shows , the things you can make with leather are only limited by your imagination.
  10. I would like to get hold of a pre 70s or 60s made V407 craftool . Anything later than that I have no interest in . Or if there is an equivalent other brand that is well made I mightt be interested . This is the one tool I use more than any other . If the tool is right , name your price !
  11. Man , if I could stamp that evenly I'd be a happy man . Good eyes ya got there Bob !
  12. Thanks Monica , the skeleton of the pattern takes the longest time . Once you start filling it in its a lot quicker . Still took 3hrs to do a 110cm belt . And will probably take the same to paint . I d like to look at some specialist stamp work if you can steer me towards any ! Cheers .
  13. If anyone else is doing this type of tooling or knows anyone who is I'd really like to check some other styles out
  14. That's too easy . I got it but I did it another way . I'll do it that way next time . Thanks mate , Cheers . Got my photos posted in show off , check em out !
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