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  1. For the uninformed or ignorant, the "free money" you speak of ran out for everyone on Sept 4th. Before you attempt to judge those that have chose not yet to return to work, consider how much Covid-money these businesses received as grants and interest free forgivable "loans".
  2. And it would still fall directly against the linkage arm rod for the knee lift..
  3. It was made/welded by the user of the device for something- I picture something that was sewn or stitched inside out that needed prodding to reverse it afterwards. Or it's a tent stake....
  4. I worked in a shop where we used some German-produced glue and there was also a thinner that went with it, can't recall the name. It worked very well. I have used Barge and Weldwood. Both stick well, but Weldwood seems to leave more of a residue in areas where you glue-past your glue line. I'll probably go back to Barge when I run out of Weldwood, but would like to get some of the German stuff but I can't recall the name of it.
  5. Thanks you guys- it's like buying a new boat, motor and trailer when you have saved for months to be able to make such a purchase, and then finding you can't tip the motor out of the water, and having the dealership try to laugh it off, downplay it, say "oh, it's the first time we have run into this, it must have just slipped past us".... I picked the machine and the source of where I bought it based on reviews posted on this site. I had thought that the Philadelphia-based dealer was a good choice, but now I wonder how they will handle any more serious problems going forward.
  6. Hello, recently purchased a brand new Consew 206RB-5 with nice servo motor and K stand. Can someone post an image of where the little plastic peg or kickstand is SUPPOSED to be impacting or resting on the back of the machine? My table came with a pre-drilled hole for the peg, and it ends up resting smack on the knee-left linkage. I phoned the dealer and was a little less than satisfied with the answer. Your thoughts? As it appears I have to re-drill this hole on my own, I have determined that it's 5/8", but am not sure what part of the back of the machine it's SUPPOSED to impact or rest upon. I had trouble understanding the person I spoke to on the phone at the dealer. They kind of laughed it off as a somewhat "unimportant feature" that you don't often really need.... Yeah, unless you actually maintain your machine.... Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfw7ozOkZLI&feature=youtu.be
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