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  1. LyndHoll

    Tension problems

    We are back in business! Thanks for the help. Prettiest stitch since I bought the thing. I have so much appreciation for everyone who watches the forums and responds with suggestions when we're in a bit of trouble. Thanks to all who responded.
  2. LyndHoll

    Tension problems

    Mikesc, thanks for the reply. That makes sense. I'll look into these recommendations.
  3. LyndHoll

    Tension problems

    Yep. It's a knee lever, so not hard to remember that.
  4. LyndHoll

    Tension problems

    Thanks for the reply. I did try that.
  5. I have a Singer 31-15. Had it sewing beautifully with #92 thread. Switched to #69 & the bobbin thread is looping BADLY. I noticed that after a couple of stitches, the thread is jumping out of the tension discs. I've tried adjusting the tension on the discs, thread still jumps out. It seems as if it needs more tension before the discs to keep it between the discs. I appreciate any suggestions you experienced folk have, however, I'm not a sewing machine repair person, or by any standard an expert, so simple answers will be the most helpful. I'm not up on the technical terminology. Thanks!
  6. Hello all! I found a great little Singer 31-15 on Craigslist and purchased it. It sews great! Can anyone tell me what thread sizes this machine is capable of using? Any adjustments needed to use different thread sizes? Any needle suggestions for sewing leather with this machine? Does anyone have a link to a manual for it? And, of course, any suggestions at all for the 31-15 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. LyndHoll

    Backgammon board

    Thanks for the kind remarks!
  8. LyndHoll

    Backgammon board

    Thanks! 8-9 oz with a layer of pigsuede glued to bottom side for a little extra protection. Also keeps the board from sliding.
  9. Couldn't find a backgammon board locally, so figured I'd just make one.
  10. What are you using to cut your stingray? That stuff is killer to cut! Any suggestions?