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  1. I was trying to find someone cheaper then Tandy, and as I recall, they only had the larger ones (20") in match pairs which come at a premium. Fred
  2. I am looking to find a supplier for the larget/longer drinking horns. Moscow Hide and Fur only seems to have them in 8-10 and 10-12" sizes I am looking to get the longer/wider horns that run 20" or larger. Fred
  3. All I can say is wow! I received my order (a 5-6 and 6-7 OZ Double steer shoulders) from ZW today, and it was worth the wait! I now understand what a clean hide is. Up until now I had gotten my hides at the local Tandy store. The hides are super clean, and the 6-7 OZ hide was HUGE. Very impressed with the quality. Fred
  4. Well it's been over 1 month, but Zack White finally got in their steer hides, and I should receive them on Tuesday or Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing my first non-tandy hides. Fred
  5. Freddo


    For what it's worth (I ordered mine back in December) - I received the medium and large pebbler from Hidecrafter today, so apparently their shipment finally arrived. Fred
  6. The washer would go over the post on the back side, before setting it correct? What tool(s) are you using to set your eyelets? Fred
  7. Over the past several months I've bought some used tools on ebay. Among them are two tools labeled "Craftool Co USA" with a 57 and a 58 on them. Can anyone confirm whether these are eyelett setters, gromet setters, rivet tools or what? They have small blunt domes on the end of them, so I think they are different sized eyelet setters... Fred
  8. I see that Ohio Travel bag sells eyelet washers for their eyelets. What are these typically used for? Are they necessary or optional? Would one use them for arm bracers? Fred
  9. Freddo

    Buffalo Hide

    Standing Bears Trading post appears to sell 8 Oz buffalo hides as well. Has anyone used them before? They don't have pricing on their website, you have to contact them directly. I hate when they do that Fred
  10. Freddo

    Buffalo Hide

    Does anyone know where you can get Buffalo Hide and what it runs for a side or sq ft? My renaissance festival mocasings were hand made by Bald Mountain Moccasins. The owner has retired, and the patterns for custom mocs were purchased by one of his apprentices who run a show named Mystic Soles Custom Moccasins. I was thinking about trying to make a pair for a friend, now that I am into leatherworking, but I have no idea where you can get tanned buffalo hides. Thanks Fred
  11. Tom, I love the work! What type of leather are you using and what weight? Ever considered lining the inside? Fred
  12. Freddo


    Just an update... Hidecrafters is still out of stock on the Medium and Large Pebbler. Someone at the shop indicated they keep checking with the supplier, and they are supposed to be on their way, but he didn't know whether that meant on their way via container from China or what. Mine have been back ordered since November. I've played with the small pebbler some, but I am not at all happy with it, I am hoping that the larger ones are more to my taste as some of the pictures I have seen have really rocked. Fred
  13. Well, the web master was nice enough to set me up with a ZW account, and I placed my order yesterday for a 5/6 and 6/7 premium hide, so hopefully I will be as pleased as others. I definitely know what folks mean with respect to Tandy, I've bought 3 hides on sale from Tandy and am very interested in seeing the difference in hide quality. Fred
  14. I've seen a lot of "roller' buckles in OTB's catalog and other hardware suppliers. Can someone explain to me what the use of the roller is for? What is the primary use for these types of buckles? Thanks in advance. Fred
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