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  1. I found that I had to run the thread through the needle eye back and forth a couple time to get rid of the excess wax. Still have not decided if I like it though.
  2. Chuck, what is your web site where you sell your knifes ? if you do not want to post it you can message me. Like the antler handles.
  3. I just had to get up and look at my CS Osborn and it is smooth as a babies butt. Bought it about 4 years ago.
  4. Hello everyone, I joined in 2018 and usually stop by a couple times a day to see what is going on. This is my first post. I believe most do not line because it is hard to get right. Wallets bend in the middle and it is hard to not end up with wrinkles in the fold. The extra cost added also comes into play. I line every wallet I make because these days I believe a RFID blocker is necessary. If you add a RFID blocker you have to cover it up with a liner. Actually If I was a customer I would not own a wallet without a RFID blocker. I guess I am just paranoid and do not want to deal with identity theft.
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