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  1. Happy Black Friday everyone! I thought I would let y'all know before the sale ends, come over and visit my Etsy store and grab some of my beloved creations! https://www.etsy.com/shop/KarlovaDesign
  2. Marius is my second favorite pattern designer (after myself LOL) so I probably can recommend!!
  3. O I just sneaked in here and saw this post I have a nice one: https://www.etsy.com/listing/978444691/leather-lighter-case-pattern
  4. Tried to update my signature but that didn't work, anyway if anyone wants to follow me on Instagram or watch on Youtube, here are links: https://www.youtube.com/c/karlovadesign https://www.instagram.com/karlovadesign/ I also have a FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/karlovadesign
  5. thank you guys I made some new stuff! By the way I got Cyber Week going on in my Etsy shop, if anyone wanted some patterns it's good time
  6. woo hoo hello there! Glad everything is going well, use Etsy messaging if you have any questions, and definitely I wanna see the pictures when you're done that is an interesting combination.
  7. This is one of my favorite bags that I use a lot, I am gonna make a compact version of it soon. This is one of the bestsellers, pretty popular pattern
  8. thank you Bob I am gonna continue my exhibition, next I would like to show some more bags:
  9. Bonny the Dawg moved with me to Siberia and I bet she is also enjoying her life here As it's slightly colder than in Guatemala (even in the summer time) I made her a bed, she seems to like it very much, she probably has the classiest bed in our whole barrio:
  10. That was the second pair made with QTan Bridle, first one was made with darker crazy horse, but I like the shiny ones better Then I thought I wanted a keyring and made a cute little shoe which is only 3" long but has the same proportions as the big ones that I am currently making (those will be pink and I just don't have time to glue the sole on them)
  11. Then I thought I could make some shoes without using the lasts and made a pattern for loafers, right now I am finishing a pair of summer boots with similar lines, and the pattern will also be available. With shoes there is a big headache because I have to make all the different sizes and that is a looooot of work so I can say I like making bag patterns better LOL one size fits all.
  12. Thank you guys I am gonna show more of my designs Also after I moved back to Siberia I found all the other leatherworkers, it was hard in Guatemala as it's not very popular there, only 6-7 hours away there was a town where they had some leather shops but no one is doing hand stitching there. So, when I came here first thing I did (after emptying local leather suppliers' supplies) I took a short shoemaking course, I made a pair of sneakers for myself using the lasts; I didn't bring any shoes with me because in Guatemala I only needed flip flops and had to do something about it
  13. For now only patterns but I have started a collaboration here and maybe we will also sell finished items as well, depends on how it goes. Thanks for the idea about the signature, just did that
  14. Hi everyone once again! 3 years ago I posted some of my works here (topic "Are Girls Allowed" - https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/80887-are-girls-allowed-p/) Since then, I continued with my leatherworking experiments, and made it my main occupation - I am now designing patterns for sale and doing quite well, actually I feel like I found my calling and I really love and enjoy my job now I would like to show what I am making lately and what had been made in those 3 years since my first post, I hope you like my creatures Oh, and I decided not to sell any prototypes - as I have found out, there is really no limit to how many bags a person can have, so I have and use them all, they are my precioussssss Here is the latest pattern that I released just yesterday:
  15. Спасибо ) Мне кажется, закидывать тапками - это вообще национальная черта у нас. Можно и Saddleback Leather закидать заодно. они тоже не обрабатывают. Мне так нравится, я люблю "сырые" края.
  16. Making some small stuff - cable ties to sell really cheap (as promotion) and part of them will be donated to my friend's charity organization, and a card holder, really nothing special but I was out of ideas and needed to do some stitchin
  17. Thanks a lot! Well we're just me and Bonny and this is what I am thinking about for the last few days - that commission work isn't that fun, but I feel like I gotta do it. It still stays up to me mostly, the customers don't want to put any limits to the design, they just specify functional features (how many pockets etc) but it is still not the same as just making some new stuff for no one in mind. I have to find a way to keep it fun no matter what. Or I am sometimes asked to repeat some of my previous projects. Boooooring.... I am already starting dreaming of getting a partner who won't mind cutting and stitching the old patterns while I would be cutting and stitching new designs, that would be just perfect LOL
  18. Thank you Yes Etsy hasn't sold anything yet despite the fact that I am marketing (just a little bit). I probably have to stop wasting money on that!!! I've got plenty of other wonderful ways of wasting them! And Bonny was modeling for me since her puppyhood, she's used to it. She might think it's normal and all dogs have to tolerate that like it's just a part of a dog's life LOL thank you Welcome! And thank you Thank you! I haven't been stitching much for last couple of days because I was making myself a website! As much as I don't like doing that anymore (and even less, tweaking wordpress) I managed to make it look like an actual website and upload my works there! Check it out http://karlovadesign.com
  19. Just finished the pocket belt No. 27 for a friend. The color isn't very easy to photograph - looks slightly different depending on the angle of the light. In reality it's probably a little less greenish.
  20. I've already tried on some other flat rivets - nothing can be done to them. Gotta live them like that. But to me this would be OK, I like rustic shit. Nope - I don't sail too much lately, but for the US I would need a visa and I just don't want to deal with bureaucracy... not yet LOL Yeah I am kinda thinking about some way to return the favor. But they said spreading the word is enough, and I am doing my best
  21. Yessss! I've just visited our machine shop again and they made me a stainless domer which finally works!! As a neighbor I was charged like $7 for it Now my grief is that I've already finished that backpack and I doubt I could undo all those dozen rivets and reset them.
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