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  1. I bought one last week. It delivered today. I doubt I'll get to use it much, as work is really kicking in at the moment. I had a BOSS a while back, but the tension drove me insane, so I sold it. Fingers crossed, this CUB looks like it will work out.
  2. Which type of steel rule die did you purchase? I had the same idea, but didn't know which type to buy.
  3. Is this still for sale? If you have a way to take a credit card, I'll just pop down to ATL tomorrow.
  4. Thanks, the belt sander worked like a champ. Now to get a cutting edge on to it.
  5. Also, I realize MD is a whole state, but my last travel gig was in a town roughly half way between DC and Baltimore.
  6. Art, Thanks, I wrote your number down, I will text you sometime tomorrow to check your talk time availability, if that's OK
  7. Hello All, I'd made an impulse purchase years ago on an Al Stohlman round knife from Tandy. Having never used one, I managed the learning curve fairly well, but the constant stropping eventually made me put it down for a long rest. I read somewhere that the blades aren't very good metal, and they're mass produced & poorly made in general. The take away from the post was that they needed to be "thinned" to help them keep a good edge. With the Corona-cation upon us, I've dug out this new/old knife and put it on a whet stone flat with a spray bottle nearby to keep everything nice and wet. I spent an entire day on one side and I've got at least that much more to do to flatten the first side. I've been keeping track of progress with a sharpie. The pits and variation of thickness are vast. I have a fairly large floor mount belt sander. Question: Do I just need a speed reducer to keep the blade from getting too hot? Get this thing flat on both sides and then sharpen, strop and put to use? Suggestions, advice, questions and constructive criticism is welcomed. Thank you for reading. As per Newbie regulations, I reside in Knoxville, TN. I travel for work, so my location Varies.
  8. Mr. Wiz, I have started a new topic, as suggested. I feel like I have outlined my question a bit better, and hope for a robust response. Thanks!
  9. Fellow Leather workers: I think I'm ready to purchase a big electric stitcher. The three mentioned in the Title (and others) are all essentially the same to me. After reading my back story, below, please offer constructive advice. My main question is regarding the EPS on the 5100SE. Is it worth the extra few hundred bucks? Please read below. I hope I'm not alone in my journey. Back story: My first purchase was a HD Singer. The price point was within easy reach and my skill level at the time was pretty low. I was using cheap-ish diamond chisel punches at the time, the wrong sized needles, and hand stitching was a PAIN!!!! I quickly figured out that the Singer wasn't going to work. I should have returned it, but I figured I could use it for liners or something in the future and kept it. After fiddling with it a bit, I'm somewhat comfortable with sewing cloth and super light leathers with an electric machine. Then, I 'splurged' and bought a Tippman Boss. The crank power was initially a big selling feature for me. I travel a lot for work and usually live in hotel rooms. It was quiet, and could be set up anywhere, with proper clamping and what not. I built my own removable flat top table and Pony, I dealt with the loss of one hand in feed/operation, the tension was a pain, etc. I learned that "up to 7/8" " didn't necessarily mean that it could do thin stuff without issues. The Love/Hate ended up only to be more frustrated with it more that I loved it. So, I sold it. Now with Corona quarantine, I'm home and I have a lot of time to be in my shop burning up leather on a variety of projects. I have been hand stitching a bunch of holsters lately. Who knew the folks of East TN (and the rest of America) would go nuts buying guns in the face of a global pandemic. I have much better tools 2+ years later, my diamond chisels are of decent quality, my hand job needles are appropriately sized, but I still HATE hand stitching an entire project. Periodically, I watch the leatherworking videos on Youtube, and the Pro's with electric machines work, looks soooo good and the difference in time from the stitch groover to the hole punching, to the bic lighter on the final step feels like HOURS have elapsed. In closing, when a hobbyist is planning to drop $3k+, is the EPS worth it? It will likely sit in my shop at home (for months at a time) while I travel again for work purposes, unless said machine can be transported with relative ease. I do carry a 7x12 enclosed cargo trailer full of "tools and toys" while I'm away at work. Space is not a problem, but can these delicate machines (properly packed) take the vibration of road travel well? Suggestions, advice, questions, etc are welcome; and, thank you for reading.
  10. So I think I'm ready to buy one of the big boys. Tonight, I'm researching the Cowboys and Cobras and TechSews. I really like the electronic needle placement of the Techsew. Is it worth the extra few hundred bucks?
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