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  1. It looks great! I haven't tried making a bag yet but its on the to do list. What was the time frame on this?
  2. Wanted to try something new tonight and make use of my new dye and antique. Antique did not want to stay in the wolf too well. Lessons learned, looking forward to the next one.
  3. Hello, I don't believe I have formally introduced myself, but my name is Reece and I have been officially in the hobby/trade of leather craft for about 2 months now. When my father passed away he was just starting out in leatherwork himself and so with his passing I inherited all of his tools and leather. When he got his set of tools it was already missing several items from it but he did have the majority of the basics. My question comes in on the stamps that I have vs the ones I don't and should consider obtaining. Below are the tool numbers currently in my possession: Tandy 100, b197, 203, 206, p206, 210, v407, 429, c429 c431, 702, s705, 708, 709, 748, s722 I have some money ear marked for leather craft items here in the following weeks and would appreciate to know what you all think would be good considerations to add as far as stamps are concerned.
  4. No idea for the most part. Picked it up at a swap meet when I was 12. No identify marks on it short of it was made in Pakistan. I probably only paid $5 - $10 for it.
  5. Fairly new to leather working and opted to make a sheath for a knife I've had since I was about 12. Came out serviceable but quite a few things went astray in the process. Was also my first go at doing saddle stitching.
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