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  1. Thank you so much! And thank you for your service!
  2. Thank you! Yea he's keeping his spit bottle in it in his truck
  3. I'm super pleased with how this turned out! This is my first koozie and 2nd time carving a design. My best work friend is moving on to start a new career, so I made this for him as a congratulations present!
  4. Hi Kelly, I order mine from Springfield Leather Company. The one I made my 1st 2 out of is a full grain single shoulder. I was hoping to achieve the look from the 1st picture (I burned the leather before I dyed it), but the tan-kote seemed to take away distinction between the dark and light areas. Thank you! I'll try that next time!
  5. Thank you! I will check them out. I hadn't ran across them yet.
  6. That is absolutely beautiful!
  7. Hi Everyone! What is the best "finish" to use? I'm new to leather working and am primarily making gun holsters, although I've had request for a couple other things. I've used Tan Kote on the 2 holsters that I have done, but I noticed this time that it changed the look. I dyed the leather first using Fiebings Walnut, let that dry over night and then used Fiebings Tan Kote and then it changed. I would prefer a more matte-finish which is why I used Tan Kote instead of Resolene. Ideas?
  8. Hi! I just started leather working... I'm over in Central.
  9. It is! Yea I wasn't thinking when I grooved it that I wouldn't be stitching the sweat guard to anything, so I just stitched it for looks. And yes!! I definitely need to go back in and stitch closer to the gun. I'm not sure why I had it in my head that the stitch lines on my template were that far out from the gun, but it is a bit too loose even now. Thank you everyone!
  10. So I'm brand new to leather working. I was looking at custom holsters online and was like you know what I'm going to learn to do that, so I did. I learned some tricks along the way that will make the one I'm working on now go a lot smoother (I've already got 7 requests to make holsters and a radio holster, belt and shield for a helmet). I'm super happy with how mine turned out though.
  11. Thank you! I finally finished it! I learned a few things along the way that will help out a lot on the next one! For my first time though I'm very pleased with this one!
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