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  1. Hello, I got a bunch of these spring clips, but they dont have a rivet hole. Can I use them for sheaths? I cant figure out how to secure them in leather properly. Thanks
  2. Hi, I had quite a few problems getting some suppliers for my CB4500. Local shoemakeing stores were of little help and alot of UK and USA companies only wanted to ship in bulk quantities. Just wanted to share where I finally got the needles and thread. (Had to re-learn abit of german for that). Needles: -https://nadel24.de/ (794LR in packs of 10). Most other companies had a minimum pack of 50 or 100 Thread: - https://www.amann.com/company/location-contacts/ They have their SERAFIL thread which comes in size 8 (346). I contacted my local supplier in my country. Machine: -http://www.sieck.de/ most of us know about this. Hope this helps someone.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah, most of my knowledge was gained by browsing some comparison topics around here so it has alot of holes in it. I do remember someone saying its good to replace the needle plate and feed dog on the 370 with smooth ones (Kh 205m was the part i believe). And the price seems for for a machine like that.
  4. Hey, i found a dealer who has both these machines in stock. I asked him to show me some proof of sewing (before i make the drive and test it) and to give me a price. it was 2850€ for 374 and 3500€ for 370. Now as far as I understand the only difference is that 374 has smooth feed dogs? Which one would you choose? The 370 is more expensive, but i think this might be because its newer (based on pictures). The 374 might be more suited for leatherwork due to smooth feed dogs. I'm attaching both photos. Thanks
  5. I realised im an idiot and this is ok. Juat never noticed it beforw and it seemed weird. Another question is why does my thread bunch in the beginning and end? I think the extra thread on top is getting caught?
  6. Hello there, i have a pfaff 335 and have encountered some issues. The hook grabs the top thread and drags it all around the bobbin casing and then makes a stitch. I made some progress on it, but hoping fore some help Im using a size 100 needle with 92 thread, top and bottom. Adding some pictures below Thanks in advance
  7. Hey, there. Yeah, I basically made the same order from Rickert and Patina and asked politely if they can ship asap. And they did, so heres to hoping it gets here soon. If anyone else searches for leather suplies in central europe, here's what i use (besides local) https://www.rickert-werkzeug.de/ https://www.patin-a.de/ http://www.lederhaus.de/ And for leather: https://buyleatheronline.com/en/ All reccomended.
  8. Hello, I'm in dire need of some navy blue or royal blue fiebings oil dye. I can't get it in Slovenia, and shipping will take too long. Does anyone know of any physical store that sells it, southern austria or northern italy? Also if anyone living near Slovenia has it and doesnt need it ASAP I'm willing to buy it off you at 2 times the price of the full bottle (even if its half empty). Cheers
  9. Thank you very much! Considering I already own a perfectly good pfaff 335, this doesnt seem a reasonable choice. Cheers
  10. Hey there. A coworker moved inti a new house that was owned by an old shoemaker. He found this old singer 29k33 there. What are these machines used for? Is it good for leather and if so what thickness range? Is it a good find? I was thinking of buying it of him, but would want to know if its even worth it. Cheers
  11. Thank you both, i'm gonna look into inverted carving, seems like i'll get the best results. Also, yeah, I've been thinking of making some of the stamps on my own (like the middle squares) from bolts i have.
  12. Hi there, this might be a dumb question , but how do you widen a line you carved? Im trying to carve embroidery patterns like pic related. I tried to widen them with my stylus but they're stil too thin and it looks bad. Or is it best to do a double line, but that might get messy. Cheers
  13. Thanks for everything. I decided to just wing it and I made a pattern myself and made a hat from some cheap fur i had, to get a feel of how it sits. One thing, alot of sites mention a "blanket stitch" for sewing. I just saddle stitched it with a 1mm waxed thread and it looks nice. So is saddle stitching ok, or can it rip? Im sorry for all the questions, but fox furs here arent really cheap and i dont want to ruin them. Cheers
  14. Thanks! I also found out that in America oca its also called a "coonskin cap" and that brings many more results. Cheers
  15. Hi there, anyone know where I can get an online version of patterns like these? I want to buy it, but i'm not keen on paying 30€ for shipping (and the wait time). Also my search engine here seems to be broken abit (searching "hat" returns nothing"), so I appreciate all the help. Cheers
  16. Thank you all very much for the replies, I think he has enough info now. I'll be sure to post when its finished. Cheers
  17. Hi there, I'm having a blacksmith I know make me a head knife. He said he needed some more info: -knife edge type (full flat or chisel grind or something else?) -blade thicknes -on what distance from edge is it grinded I dont know much about knives and head knives arent really a thing here I could check. Also I gave him some general measurments 13,5 cm (5 1/4inch) from point to point and 15cm (6 inch) from crown to end handle, is that good? Thanks in advance
  18. Hello, has anyone done anything like that? I was thinking of dyeing a tooled sheath black and then putting light brown antique finish on it. But then i cant use black resolene that really makes the black shine, because it coveres the tooling. Any ideas?
  19. Hello there, Does anybody have an idea how to include about 6 card pockets and a coin pouch into a normal sized leather wallet. Im kind of new to making these small things and any pictures or references would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking of sticking 2 pockets above the coin pouch, but i have my doubts if it will be viable. thank you in advance
  20. Hi there, I'm looking for a specific pattern for a normal sized (mens') trifold wallet with 5 to 6 card slots and a coin pouch. Or atleast an idea of how to fit that many cards inside a wallet while also reserving a side for coins. Thanks in advance
  21. Hey, thank you for your help. I thought about it and got a new pfaff 335 from a dealer. Considering i have little experience with machine maintenance I figured it'd save me alot of time if i get something with warranty and a tehnician to help with whatever i need.
  22. Hello there. I was wondering can I get abit of information about these machines, since I can pick them up fairly cheap from a local mechanic. What is their thickness range for sewing leather, any manuals someone willing to share, and in general are they machines worth getting? Thank you for your help
  23. Hello there everyone, I am in need of help. I recently decided to invest in a sewing machine, since the workload cannot handle sewing everything by hand. I did some research, but found the topic to be more overwhelming than expected. First because of the terminology and second because its mostly focused on the American market. As I understood there is no "universal" machine for heavy and light work, but just to be sure is there something that can nicely do thicknesses from 2 - 10mm? I am also limited by the supply here in Slovenia and Im not keen on buying used from Germany, since you cannot test them. They're selling here some Singer machines, Durkopp, Texi and Juki, but as I said the market is small here. I was thinking about the Pfaff 335 (G-6/01 BLN) which i can get for around 2500€ here. I apologize for asking such broad questions but I need some guidance here since I'm mostly self taught and dont know where to turn. Thank you for your help
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