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  1. Welcome to the club, I’ve been making holsters for friends and coworkers for about a year now. My last count is 23 different plastic resin gun molds (no one seems to own the same type of gun) so I have yet to make any money lol. I’ve heard it said that if you want to make a million dollars doing leather crafting the first thing you need to do is spend a million dollars. I am well on my way to that. ps, just wait until you want to buy your first leather sewing machine.
  2. I like it a lot, great way to spend a day inside. You gotta show the finished product.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I have thought about the second hand issue also. I will look at the CB3200 but the little bit of leather work I do I don’t know if I can justify it right now. The reason I was even considering the Boss is that I found one for under $1000.00 new in the box. If it’s not worth it though I can still wait and spend my money on a better one later when things pick up. Mark
  4. I just got started in leather crafting and have been making some holsters for friends and coworkers. Here are my latest projects. Any pointers or tips you have I’m trying to learn as much as I can.
  5. I’m new to leather crafting and have been primarily making holsters for friends and coworkers. I’m using 8oz leather or thicker and my holsters are usually about 10-11mm thick on the edges. I’ve been hand stitching the holsters, which I’m getting more comfortable with, but was thinking about buying a Tippmann Boss stitcher. I’ve also looked at the Cowboy Outlaw which, other then appearance, seems to be the same machine. Any opinions or advice on this. Thanks, Mark
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