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  1. What exactly is the hardware you've used to tack the lid to the wood block? Those small button head nails... are they upholstery tacks?
  2. What's the proper sequence for taping the back of a large workpeice that I plan to soak in water & store in a large ziplock to case? Would I soak it, let it sit & case in the bag, then tape up the back of it (to prevent stretching) right before I tool it? Or do you tape it first? Other?
  3. How does one get the effect of dyed leather, where the tooled area (the stamped impressions) remain natural leather color? Ex:
  4. How many coats of Resolene should I expect to have to spray (Badger 250, 50/50 with water) to get a seal good enough to prevent bleeding for a wallet? Used Fiebings OxBlood, 2 coats airbrushed. Desire is for the wallet not to turn all the money/contents & pockets red or pink when in use! If not resolene, what other finishes are suggested to seal up a brightly dyed wallet to prevent dying your back pocket? Thanks!
  5. So that's to say that edge paint may help to mask some of the burnished edges' visible lines, better than just straight dye? What edge paint do you like? Thanks for the feedback!
  6. What's the trick to getting such nicely burnished sides? I'm struggling getting mine to not still show some lines of separation between layers. Thanks, & wonderful piece!
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