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  1. Hello Everyone, Here is a link to the first video in the Cobra Class 4 video series. Hope this helps and each week a new video gets posted. Setting up your Cobra Class 4 Sewing Machine
  2. Hello Everybody, I wanted to quickly mention that I have released four episodes on YouTube of How-To's and maintenance videos on the Cobra AK-20 Strap Cutter from Leather Machine Co. I simply love working with all types of leather machines and find them fascinating. Each week on Thursday, I launch a new episode talking about some topic focusing on the machine. Scheduled up for future episodes that are done already are Cobra Burnisher, Weaver 4 Ton Clicker, Weaver MT900 Foot Press, Cobra Class 14 Splitter, Weaver Self Centering machine and the Cobra Class 26 Sewing Machine. Please feel free to give it watch and let me know what you think. All Information is accurate and verified. I am making all these video episodes to help others with questions and because I love this community. Good luck on all your projects!
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