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  1. Hi, Yes, we can help you. We are manufacturer of brass items and accept small batch orders. We can produce the required items as per your design and specifications. Our rates are very competitive as our manufacturing facility is located in India. You can email the pictures and details of your items and we will be happy to produce them for you. Most of our customers are located in US and Europe but we can ship worldwide. Please share the details on email at globalmetalco@gmail.com and globalmetalco@aol.com . Thanks and regards, Raheel A. Global Metal Company www.globalmetal.company USA:+ 1-631-593-0140 India: +91-9412458274
  2. Hi, thanks for the query. For most products, our costs are almost 1/3rd of the retail price for any brass hardware item that you see in America. Our company has a sales office and warehouse facility in the US but our manufacturing facility is in India. So we are able to offer the lowest prices to our customers here. If you can share the details of your requirements (including item dimensions, weight, finish, quantity, etc.), we qill send you the best quote. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Thanks for your comment and feedback. We appreciate your honest opinion and would try to clear the doubts. We have been supplying lots of brass hardware items to many of the large hardware stores across the US. We do have a manufacturing facility in India and our warehouse in US. So you can be rest assured about our understanding of the American market, quality of our workmanship and products. In fact, some of our American clients often request us to make products with their name and branding, which we do. However, as far as the work environment is considered, let me reiterate that we never claim to have modern state-of-art facilities like manufacturing units in Germany or Italy but our major USP is low-cost and high quality of workmanship. That's the reason we are able to compete in a highly competitive industry. You would be surprised to know that we produce over 4000+ different types of brass hardware. If you still have doubts about our ability or integrity, I can provide customer references from our B2B clients in NY / SC/ Florida, etc. The best way would be to place a small order for a few items first which we can develop for you. If you are not satisfied with the quality, I guarantee you 100% money back. That's the best thing I can offer to clear your doubts or dispel any negative opinion that you may have towards us. Happy to help you in all possible ways. Best regards, Raheel Owner, Global Metal Company +1-(631)-593 0140
  4. Hi Jonas, Thanks for your interest. I am glad to hear from you. Yes, you are right. Our website does not show all the items that we make. The reason is that many of the items are exclusively made for our customers on order basis. So generally we do not put them on our website due to proprietary issues. We produce the items only on order basis. We have our manufacturing facility in India while our warehouse is in USA. We supply regularly to a lot of our B2B customers across the country including NY, CA, SC, Florida, Indianapolis, etc. It would be great if you can the drawings /samples of the items required by you i.e. saddlery hardware such as halter rings, brass buckles for headstalls, etc. We will be happy to reproduce and send you the samples for approval before bulk order. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks! Raheel A. Owner, Global Metal Company Tel: +1- (631)-593-0140 (US); +91-9412458274 (India) Email: globalmetalco@aol.com
  5. Anyone looking for high quality brass buckles (for leather belts), small buckles for watch straps, saddlery items and customized hardware in a variety of finishes? Get in touch with Global Metal Company, a reliable manufacturer of bronze and brass hardware, which accepts small production runs and customized orders for items.
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