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  1. Hello LomaeArts. would you be interested in selling me a spare cutting disc. I have a Pedersen skiver and rough edger. ive been looking for a blade for that a long time, and when I searched on Google, your post came up. and I can’t seem to load a picture of it,
  2. Thanks Constabulary, and James. turns out I didn’t need a motor or a control box. The motor is for the lining trimmer. I just needed two belts. the same mechanism that drives the bottom belt, also drives the top belt. Both the top feed roller and bottom feed roller have to turn at the same speed. So it makes sense. So I’ve ordered two new belts. The lining trimmer does look a bit bulky, but the previous owner has removed what he can, and I knew about the small stitch length before I purchased it. I really like the small stitch on a shoe, and I’m looking forward to experimenting with it, hopefully I don’t change my mind and sell it. thanks again…
  3. Hello everyone, I have a Singer 236g131 and I am trying to get parts for it, but it seems impossible for this make of specialised model. I need a motor that’s built into the side of the frame, and a control box. the correct serial number for the motor is 713604-002 and the control box serial number is 995536-002 it has a round wheel bottom feed, and a round wheel top feed. I need the motor and control box to feed the top feed. It works ok at the minute, with just the bottom feed, however when you double layer your leather for shoe uppers, it’s slacking on the top stitch. I believe if the top feed wheel was working correctly. The feed would correct the tightness on the stitching on the top. Can anyone help with finding the correct motor and control box.
  4. Thank you very much. just purchased a 236g131 and this has been very helpful. I just purchased the head. Is there a particular motor works well with this head. The motor I have is fast and very fast. thanks
  5. I’ve just purchased one of these, I was wondering if you found out any information on it. Or may have found a manual. Thanks
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