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  1. SUP

    Im New Here

    @Garysoul No one here has said you are foolish or a 'cat fisher'. In fact, people have been kind and tried to understand why your first statement is so rude. A welcome is not demanded by the receiver, it is extended by the givers. Instead of taking offense because people wondered about your first rude statement, an apology and explanation would work much better. As @Mablung said
  2. I use the Thread zap too but I got mine from Temu. It's one third the price for the same thing but it takes about 8-10 days to arrive. It's working fine and mine came with a spare tip. I always compare products and prices between Amazon and Temu. More and more Temu items seem to be appearing on Amazon at inflated prices.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  4. Welcome to this forum @JPCox Checked your Instagram - your work is beautiful.
  5. SUP

    Im New Here

    @Garysoul ?? @pikefish, @toxo The language in the information section suggests that this might be so, whether human or not. However, in any language, in any culture, demanding that people welcome them blindly is surely not done?
  6. @Aven Thank you. I will look at it. It's fun to learn something new to me that is an old technique.
  7. @Sheilajeanne Love that too!
  8. OBSERVATIONS: FRONT BACK EDGE CONTROL S, WD0, TN; FD S,TN, FD S CM S, WD0, TS, FD S, TS, FD S PJ1 S-, WD, TN, FDRY S0, TN. FDRY S50, TN, FDRY PJ2 S-, WD, TN, FDRY S0, TN, FDRY S50, TN, FDRY PJM1 S, WD+, TS, FD+ S, TS, FD+ S PJM2 S, WD+, TS,FD+ S, TS,FD+ S The key: Soaking: S = heavily soaked. SL= lightly soaked S- = surface water absorption S0 = no water absorption. S50= half absorption Water droplets WD=water drops present WD0= no droplets WD+ = Many water droplets Feel of leather: FD = damp FDRY = dry Texture: TN Normal TS = soft Control: Soaked through no water drops on surface, not softened. Sides clearly soaked through as is the back. Control plus mineral oil: Darkened due to the oil, no water drops on surface, soaked through, sides and back are soaked as well. Noticeably softer. PJ1: Darkened due to PJ, Water drops on surface, surface water absorption, sides show water absorption on surface, back dry, texture unchanged. PJ2: Darkened due to PJ, Water drops on surface, surface water absorption, sides show water absorption on surface, back dry, texture unchanged. PJM1: Darkened due to PJ and MO, plenty of water drops on surface, complete water absorption, sides show complete water absorption, back show water absorption, texture soft, leather feels damp. PJM2: As for PJM1. CONCLUSIONS: It is clear that PJ does inhibit water absorption by leather, this inhibition being affected by other factors. Here, the mineral oil clearly decreased this water repellent effect. Petroleum Jelly is not absorbed by the leather. It remained on the surface. When applied on plain clean leather, it stays in place and is an effective repellent. When applied on top of mineral oil however, the 2 greasy materials slide against each other and the petroleum jelly being on the surface, probably did not spread well and possibly got drained away by heavy water drops and left the leather vulnerable. With a night of being exposed to heavy rain, the leather pieces with only PJ are still not soaked through. For short exposures, petroleum jelly appears to be a good water repellent. When and with what to use it and how to ensure it remains in place are the next questions. I will next try to see if warming the leather after petroleum jelly application helps. Unfortunately, although PJM1 and PJM2 both had plenty of water drops on the surface, they absorbed a lot of water as well. Need to see how to avoid that, other than not leave the leather out in torrential rain all night!
  9. I kept several pieces of veg-tanned leather with petroleum jelly , which I shall now call PJ, in the rain. These results are after a night long, heavy exposure. It rained heavily overnight and I could check the leathers only in the morning..: I used 6 pieces of leather as follows: Petroleum Jelly Mineral oil Control. N/A N/A CM N/A Yes PJ1 Yes No PJ2 Yes No PJM1 Yes Yes PJM2 Yes Yes Observations and conclusions follow.
  10. You're welcome. Incidentally, it's Ma'am. Not Mister..
  11. Just checked, so many translucent leather lamps from the East! Nice. Searching for translucent leather does not show them. I searched for leather lamps instead.
  12. I bought some transparent leather and it smells of LPG! Or rather, the additive they add to the actually odorless LPG. Could it be that today's methods use some of what was done so long ago?
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