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  1. No, I always put in a 2 or 3 mm thick, 10 to 12 mm wide welt on the outside edge.   It protects the stitching from the blade and the blade from the rivets.

    A bit hard to see in the pics.....DSCF5043.JPG.d778c6167d06a757d672deabf95052fb.JPGDSCF5042.thumb.JPG.3e7b1e89c40f0c0208c1e36ab9e21ea0.JPG



  2. MW, yes, once I removed the brass base from the plastic case I knocked the primer out, ground away some of the brass to make it thinner and used a 6mm eyelet to attach to the leather and then pushed a used large rifle primer back into the hole.



  3. Made an ammo pouch for a mate of mine, for either 22's or air rifle slugs.  First of this type of pouch I have made so there was a few mistakes....should have used a magnetic catch instead of the Sam Brown stud, wet molded the ends which was good but found that my fingernails scratched the soft leather when I was sewing..a few other things I would do differently but thats for the next one...



    Ammo pouch.JPG

  4. Thanks Dikman,  back in my mid 20's I worked as a maintenance fitter for a timber yard and they made mallet heads, paint brush handles, hence the little hammer, and Jarvis Walker fishing rod handles among other things...the owner did a bit of a shonky on me, so when I left I loaded the back of my ute with as much as I could....luckily a mate of mine bought him out so there was no drama over the " aquisition of goods " :whistle:



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