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  1. Where did you find the hardware for this bag??
  2. I would also like to have a go at that pattern pack. If I find mine, I will share them with you as well.. I have a few demo-gauntlets and a few other patterns I have created down the road.
  3. I was wondering if you have anything for the older type pistols. I have a couple of Flintlocks and also looking for a slim jim left handed cross draw pattern for a 1856 Remington 44cal Cap and Ball pistol. The flintlocks I have are a 45cal Derringer, 1776 style Kentucky and a 1750's style Doglock style pistol. Thanks Lokiprime
  4. Tom, Yes, I live over in Colfax, so I am very close... Would love to get together and talk shop.
  5. Thanks fo rthe information. Nice work by the way.. I have all the books out there, I just haven't found anything unique yet. Thanks for all the information. Loki
  6. I made a breast plate in the past and I used a 50/50 mix of bees wax and carnuba wax. This made it rock hard. you do not boil it. you heat the materials up close to the flashing point. Not sure how long I left in, too many years ago. Then I took it out and placed it on my chest. ( I was wearing gloves and had a couple of heavy sweatshirts on) Then I had someone ice it down... This kept the form.. Enjoy...
  7. Hi all I'm getting ready to tool my belt for my kilt. I am looking for some good Celtic Knot work or other ideas.. Can someone give me some ideas? Thanks Lokiprime
  8. Hi all, I'm form the Foothills in Northern California. Just wanted to say hi... In addition, does anyone have any cool sporran patterns or a possibles bag pattern? Well met to all... Thanks Lokiprime
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