Consew 226 Presser Feet Height Adjustment

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I am setting up my first sewing machine, a Consew 226R-1. Sews really well with 3 layers of 8 oz leather and 138 thread.

It came from an upholstery shop so was basically set up for thinner material. I understand the machine presser feet can lift up to 1/2".

Right now the presser feet lift about 3/8" and when sewing they walk with a lift of about 1/4".

Old manual and my unfamiliarity with these machine have me handicapped to make the necessary adjustments to raise the feet for better clearance.

Can someone advise me the proper procedure for:

Increasing the stationary lift of the presser feet to 1/2".

Increasing the walking lift to provide clearance for the thick sewing if that is possible.

Thank you.

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12 hours ago, dikman said:

A quick search turned up this, it tells you how to adjust the feet.



Thanks. That is the same manual I have. Diagrams are really bad but thanks to a good setup video for a Juki LU-563 I found and that manual, I think I have been able to sort it out.

Was able to get the clearance I need for 3 layers of 8 oz leather. When doing that it seems that I would need to readjust to do thinner material. Is that the norm?


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Chapter 4 of NAVEDTRA 14217 which includes the Consew 225, which I think lacks reverse but might be similar, might help. On page 4-9:

2. Adjusting the total relative lift of the alternating pressers

The total relative lift of the alternating pressers referred to here is that the feet lift one-half inch at total lift. ....


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Every now and then I experiment and switch my long body walking foot machine to use System 190 needles. I find that any gain in needle stroke is virtually offset by having to lower the presser foot to clear the bottom of the needle bar's thread guide. Unless a machine was designed to use System 190 needles, you will need to file or grind something out to get the full benefit of the longer needles. The hook timing and check spring throw also needs changed.

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