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About a month ago, I acquired a large number of stamps. Am selling off the duplicates, or the ones I know I will never use.

The stamp numbers match up with Tandy stamp numbers, even if the stamp is not a Tandy product, so if you want to know what a stamp will look like, look up its Tandy number on Google.

All stamps have been tested, and I have not noticed much of a difference between the Taiwan stamps and the Craftool stamps. All stamps produce a good enough impression to satisfy the average hobbyist.

Tandy Stamps with no letter are the oldest, followed by Craftool Co. with a letter and number, then Craftool Co. U.S.A. The most recent stamps are Craftool U.S.A.


A 710400  Craftool USA small backgrounder


B793600 Craftool USA beveler

197, Craftool Co. beveler smooth

B198, Craftool USA, medium beveler, cross-hatched

B203 Craftool smooth beveler


C433 Craftool camo

431 Craftool Co. camo

Z-C431 Craftool camo

C425 Craftool small camo


D 435 Taiwan sunburst

D 438 Ivan Taiwan sunburst (two the same)

D 439 Ivan Taiwan sunburst

D 606 Taiwan sunburst


F 976 Craftool USA, triangular figure tool

P206 Taiwan medium smooth pear shader

P207 Craftool lined pear shader

P212 Craftool USA largish pear shader, cross hatched

P217 Craftool pear shader, crosshatched


U851 Craftool small mule foot stamp

Z-V407 veiner, no maker's stamp, however, I'm sure it's Craftool

V 707 Craftool USA veiner (2)


Border tool, twisted wire, medium handle, no number Craftool

Border tool, twisted wire, corner, medium handle, no number, Craftool

Border tool, barbed wire, med. handle, Craftool,

Rose stamp, X964, Taiwan

Basket weave, X498, Taiwan

Pear shader, no maker's stamp, looks to be home made. Both ends of the shader are the same width.


Going to charge $4.00 U.S. for the Craftool Co. stamps and $3.00 for the others. I am in Canada, but will ship to the States. 

$80 will get you the whole lot, but due to the weight, I will need to ship the stamps in two batches for safety.

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Sheilajeanne, I'm your Huckleberry! (Sorry, movie reference). I'll take the lot for 80 US, plus shipping and anything else you think is fair. I'm sure will be some duplicates, but I can handle that. Shipping to 80525 zip code, Fort Collins, Colorado.


I'll PM you with info.

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Well that was easy...and just saved me comparing to my stamps...

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And LOL, Plinkercases!  You sure would have saved on shipping - I might even have been able to meet up with you somewhere and save you the charge!  You're close to Toronto, right?

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very close... a coffee away perhaps


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