Looking for EU based online store for tools (and leather?)

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I was buying from LePrevo until recently, when they raised shipping charges. I was paying 12-14 GBP so far, while this week they wanted to charge me suddenly 44 GBP. Since this is unacceptable for me, I'm searching for someone else in EU, who's shipping for more normal rates.

I know for Tandy that their shipping is 30 $ (which is almost half of what LePrevo wants to charge me), but I don't think they ship from EU.

I need someone to deliver proper quality tools, and even better would be, with option to buy leather from aswell. I know it's better to buy leather with personal visit of the store, but since it's only 1 store in my country (FFS) I can't really afford to go and buy leather to other coutnries everytime.

I'm located in Slovenia, Europe, EU.

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Have you tried Abbey England?

They seem pretty good to deal with, but as far as I remember, I have only made a purchase from them that was delivered to a UK address, then brought to Australia in the luggage of a tourist.  

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Here are some suppliers for you to have a look at, though you will have to check for yourself if they have what you want, and their shipping charges --      based in Denmark

These are British --

You can buy directly from  but they have a minimum order of 100euros

Does it have to be from Europe? have a wide range of leatherworking tools and materials and they are a reliable company. Delivery time to Britain is about 3 weeks. Prices are reasonable and include shipping, but there will probably be import duty, typically 20%

I haven't bought leather from them,  but they have a good reputation 

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I have not used le prevo, but that rate sounds more like courier / DHL type than 'postage'

ZuluDog and Constabulary list good suppliers.

The tanneries in France and Italy are often open to smaller amounts being shipped so worth tracing them direct, I will try to pull together my old list, but @mikesc may have more current information.

What about Turkey and Bulgaria? They used to have thriving markets in leathergoods, certainly in the 80s and 90s, and they are much closer to you?

I am sure there's a thread on this subject elsewhere on the forum, and will try to find it later.



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