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Finally worked on my last stand. A week before Christmas when I put my daughters boots together I couldn't even put last with a 7/16" bushing on my stand. I had a piece of wood closet rod so I drilled a 7/16" drill bit into it and left it in the rod and dropped it in the main tube and used that to build that last pair of boots.  Now I have 3 different size pins that screw in.  Their made out of a 5/8" stainless all thread.

The base is a fly wheel I knocked the gear ring off of so the eye bolts screw in and are removable. If I'm building boots I'm working in my wife's formal dining room so I'm barefoot or in socks and kicking those eyebolts would hurt. Now I can leave rubber soles strap down over night while the glue dries.

The shiny pipe for the toe support and the interchangeable piece are from an old Delta table saw fence somebody stole the fence too. I have a longer set of rails I'm gonna build a stand that will bolt on to the fly wheel to hold the heel while you tie a cable to the small hole in the last and the toe support bar to use like a lever and pull those hard to remove last. I saw the idea on a Lisa Sorrell video. 

I can drop the wood peg breaker/rasp into the stand and it's pretty steady.

I'm making the regular last puller that will drop in the main tube. An 1 1/8" solid round bar with a 45 degree bend at the top. I saw this one in the fourth picture on You Tube.

The boot top stretcher in the background sits on the stand as well.

There is one waxed thread catcher when sewing on the welt but if I have problems with it I will just put a bolt in it and have to use a wrench to adjust it.






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Well done Tim.  I like that a lot.  I would love to have it in my shop.

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