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V-Belt Alternatives -> PU Round Belt

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This for sure is not new but I think not much known so I thought I show what I did.

Since I´m fiddling with my vintage Singer a lot and have added several different type speed reducers to different machines I always hated that I do not have the right left V-Belt on hand. Of course in some cases you can adjust the SR or the motor angle but still annoying IMO. I have used round leather belt in some cases (meant temporarily) but they stretch with the time and you have to shorten them. I also had issued finding the right length especially for the machines with higher post (see below).

Long story short - I ordered some round PU belt with rough surface for testing and so far I´m quite pleased with them.

This is what I have ordered (cheapest I could find for testing)


I have ordered 9mm / 5meter.

I haven´t yet tested the belts on my "heavy machines" / heavy materials that require a certain punching power on some projects. ATM I only have set up the 51w post bed and 108w binding machines with the round PU belts but I´m very pleased. Both rather light / medium duty machines but both machines appear to run a bit smoother. I cannot explain it technically but they overall just appear to run smoother. Just to have it mentioned - other that industrial V-Belts the PU belts are a little bit stretchy but not too bad. So I´m not sure (yet) how well they work with "heavy Duty" machines with heavy / thick / dense materials.

Optically black V-belts are nicer IMO but technically I´m quite pleased with the green round belts. Nice thing on the PU belts you can easily shorten them, melt the end (flame, soldering iron, heating iron....) and put them back together if the belt it a bit too long / need more tesnion.

Some pictures:





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My Bonis runs on round leather belt with an S hook. I can make either of them whenever I need.

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I have been using PU belts for a while now. I found a large roll (50 feet) cheap on ebay to try it out. Very handy to be able to set up a machine without having to run to the auto parts store and hope you measured right and they have my size in stock. it is a little stretchy because it doesn't have the cloth belting like v-belts, but grips well for me once I get the tension right. It is easy to melt together and never had had a connection break.

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