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  1. I use the letters themselves to determine spacing. I leave them setting in the groove when possible when tapping the next letter in. I will use dummy letters if a word has more than one occurrence of a particular letter. Start from center and work your way out. Place the entire word (dummy letters included) before starting with the center letter. Make sure all letter stamps are square. I have had to take files to slightly knock off burrs and ridges.
  2. I have been told by those around me that I do good work. But when I see something like this.....I am awestruck!!! You have set the bar very high. It's funny that when people look at this executive bag, they won't even realize that the hand stitching is probably the most difficult part to make look that clean. YOU ARE a sewing machine because you fooled the experts!! Keep it up!!
  3. I will say that it wasn't easy going. Keeping things lined up took a long time for me. But I do like the effect. Thanks for the responses.
  4. This is the only one I have done. I have seen people use a 3D stamp then carve a scene around it. Such as a deer or a bear with trees and such. My wife wanted something to give her Aunt on a recent visit to Texas and I only had a couple of days to decide, so this was my gift to her.
  5. I thought this worthy of showing off. It is my favorite holster to date. Fits a 1851 Colt Navy replica. To date it is the only lined holster I have made (I used Suade). Hand stitched. The dye is Febings "Oxblood". Black Edge-Kote and a whole lot of Mulefooting around!!
  6. I don't know who asked to see it but here it is. This is one of my first roses and dye jobs. The dye bled through onto the rose a little I cut and tooled first, then wet-formed it before dying it. The backgrounding is cova color.
  7. Thanks, I should mention that I used light brown Gel Antique that the Leather factory sells. It sure beats having to paint all the backgrounding. I placed the praying hands and the back cover thinking that I wouldn't be able to do a very good job. Now I wish I had placed them on the front. This is my first attempt at floral and I hope to get better. A craftaid was used for all the patterns. I hope to get good enough one day to design my own. Problem is I am NO artist. But I seem to be able to use a swivel knife with growing confidence. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hope this works. I've been wanting to share for a while now and finally decoded to do so. I have been woking mainly with what I call primitive leather for black powder related items. Just some things to keep my possibles and shooting bags full. 4 or 5 months ago while in a local leather factory, I decided to take a class in leathercrafting and have been happy since. I have made several holsters and decoritive bowls as well as class projects. I decided to share this bible cover with you. Yes I know the lacing is backwards. I might fix it or just leave it. Haven't decided yet. In any event.....I really enjoy my new found hobby.
  9. I own a dremel and I am learning leathercraft. What the heck is a dremel used for? Sorry....Noob here.
  10. Speaking of pieces.... They are lucky to be on such a beautiful board!!!
  11. Did you enjoy the tri-weave tool? I find it to be a pain in the &*@#^. I would have loved to see the chain used for the border tool. Looks like it'll come in real handy.
  12. And a good chin strap!! Imagine the wind resistance
  13. I would like to know if all rouges are rock hard like the white sticks that Tandy sells. Is there something softer out there that can be rubbed into a strop easier?
  14. I use a nice leather arm guard that wraps about 3/4 around my wrist and forearm. I am not sure what the eyes are called but they are like hooks that come on work boots. One size fits all and fast to lace onto arm.
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