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  1. Those are the Belgian Jiffy rivets that Ohio Travel Bag sells.
  2. I use one and am very happy with it. Ryan is very helpful and a pleasure to work with.
  3. Regarding the 441 clones, I would confirm what Wizcrafts has written.
  4. Good write up on these machines, Wizcrafts. Somewhere around here I posted pictures of what one of these machines with a Monster Wheel and modified feet can do with leather. Try a search for "Yamata".
  5. I prefer the PC for all the reasons Madmax22 mentions.
  6. Another nod for the compact spiral 6500k/daylight fluorescent bulbs. Another question is a good movable lamp to put the bulbs in that isn't going to lose its tensioning/positioning in six months. My favorite lamp is a Danray gooseneck. I enjoy using that Magnetic base lamp with aluminum hood from harbor freight, but there have been a few times where the magnet didn't hold as strongly as it should have. ed
  7. If you want Coats bonded polyester in black and chestnut brown in sizes 277 and 346 I have a surplus of about 5 1-pound spools of each that I can send you at cost plus actual USPS shipping costs. Ed
  8. Ohio Travel Bag has line 24 posts of varying lengths.
  9. Thanks. The reincarnation with the daylight spiral fluorescent bulbs is working extremely well.
  10. I think incorporating hand stitching in certain areas is important. I just saw a $1300 John Varvatos bag with horrible stitching and horrible hardware.
  11. Nice work. Did you use thin nylon webbing between the strap layers?
  12. I've found out that generic double-sided blades work just as well as the OEM blades, but not all blades are created equal. The cheapest blades that work very well are the Dorco-301 stainless steel $8/100. Vidyut Super-Max, which are easy to find at $.99-Stores in NYC are horrible.
  13. I've got some surplus from a 5-gallon pail/box of Clearco. I can sell some off at around cost at $.25 per oz in minimums of 20 ounces (the Vitamin Water and Gatorade bottles. This should be less than half the price elsewhere. I should have about a gallon to spare. I think silicone thread lube does assist the thread running through the guides as well as the lock forming somewhere in the middle of the leather. It would be interesting to see the difference on very dry veg tan, with and without thread lube.
  14. One method is to use some thin fabric to make a little hammock for all but the bottom slot.
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