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  1. Great video. Can I ask you what brand of sewing machine that is. I love the walking foot on it.
  2. If you can find some old Tandy adds, they had a small bag made just like your first one. I will have to find it and tell you what it was called. I seen it in some old Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal.
  3. On the marbling jell, do you add the dye colors or does it come in different colors? That is so neat.
  4. Is most of your work paint or do you tool them first and then paint? I love all of it.
  5. I love finding old learther work. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Would really love to see your pictures. Hope you can get them uploaded soon.
  7. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads

  8. Welcome, I don't have any criticism, but some advice. On the round coasters it is noticeable that your leather stretched during the tooling. Before I tool anything I put either packing tape or sticky shelf paper on the back. this keeps the leather from stretching. Keep up the good work.
  9. Last night I went under the Resources forum and the first entry is a pinned entry from Johanna. It says you can download the billy2shew dvd's for a small donation. Well I have made the donation through paypal and it has cleared, but I have never gotten any instructions. How do I go about getting the download? Name: Tammie Neill UserName: walkingH IP Address: Email Address: walking_h@hotmail.com
  10. Trying to find information on a leather craftsman named Tom Wolf or Wolfe. Not sure of the spelling of his last name. He was in New Mexico and has passed away. I have a chance to look over his tools, books, etc. Just trying to find information on him. The older gentleman that has all of the stuff says he was fairly famous. Thanks in advance for any information you have. walkingH
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