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  1. ljk, I had to go back and review your offer. I did respond back to you but packing these up and shipping them to Colorado was not an undertaking I was wanting to do. I do Thank You for your offer and Thank You for the information you provided above. There are numbers on at least some of the “dies”. I’m not sure they will not tell us anything. My guess is the numbers meant something to the shoe factory they come from only. If someone is interested my guess is they would be better off looking at them. Going through things and accessing them to make sure it’s something they can use. I have farm equipment sitting out in the weather because these are taking up barn space. I really would like for both parties to benefit from these items. Thanks
  2. The top two photos above there are 2-3 layers of them. Name of the factory, I’m sorry but at this time no. I’ll try to contact the previous owner maybe he’ll tell me. I know he said he worked for U S Shoe, Dr. Scholls, and others. I believe he said some of his stuff came from a factory in St. Louis that was closing down. There are a few plastic last but mostly wood. Feel free to ask anymore questions I’ll do my best. I live between Lexington, Louisville, & Cincinnati. Thanks Mike03120 for the picture posting hint! As you can see it worked like a charm.
  3. My attempt at the pictures for my above post. I had a paper that told what these were but it has disappeared. I’ll continue looking. They are sharp on one side. Picture #4 makes the straps as seen in picture #5 but different lengths and widths. I can post some various pictures of the last if someone really wants them. Thanks
  4. A year or so back I posted on this forum some pictures of shoe last(sp). I was trying to get an offer on them. I have a great number maybe 2-3,000 (maybe more) that are available now. Another bunch available later as the previous owner of property wants to keep some. He’s the one who acquired them. They were acquired when a shoe factory closed. I know nothing about them so questions pertaining to design or styles, I will not be able to help you. I also have some other leather cutting dies type devices. Hope I can get pictures up. Thanks to all tried to get photos up but a single photo exceeded the mb limits. Got to figure that one out and try later.
  5. Northmount, I tried doing the google search a couple different ways and did find it. Thanks
  6. No I didn’t, but I Thank You for the suggestion.
  7. A little while back while browsing through leatherworker.net I came across a holster how to video. This particular video appeared as if the instructor/narrator was teaching a class as the video was being shot because questions were asked and answered during the video. The content of this video showed how he sets the stitch margins on a holster different than most other holster makers. Any one know where I might find that video? I’ve tried with no success I need to go back and watch it again. Thanks.
  8. Maybe I should have placed these in the classified section. I opened a random box located in the barn and am going to post a video. Well I tried to post my video and it was too large even after an edit. Sorry.
  9. Certainly appreciate your offer but I don’t think that’s not an undertaking that I’m looking for at this time. If you ever get this way stop in...... take a look! Thanks Anyway!
  10. All started under cover but the roof on the old shed has gone bad and they are mostly exposed. Others are in the barn and were packed in boxes but as mentioned earlier many of the boxes have been opened. I tried to persuade the previous owner to allow me to sell them for him but it didn’t happen. I now have the property so they are mine.
  11. Ferg, I wish I knew enough about them to put a price on them but I don’t. I know the seller of a item usually sets a price on his goods however these are completely out of my zone Please understand! While I don’t want to give them away I do consider myself a motivated seller. I noticed in your profile you are located in SW Ohio. I’m located about 1 hr S of Cincinnati near the KY Speedway. Don’t know how far we are apart but it might be worth a drive someday to take a look.
  12. I haven’t even tried to count or match anything. As I stated they have deteriorated and I couldn’t tell you if many are serviceable or not. Some were stored inside in boxes but it appears critters and what ever have damaged the boxes as you can see in the one pic. I live in the N. Ky area. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer or get and answer for you. I will not be able to tell you what type of shoe the last was used to make. I’m not that familiar.
  13. A couple years back I posted about some last that we’re possibly available if someone wanted/needed them. I was never able to get things worked out with the owner to see what he wanted to do. Things have changed and they are now available BUT time has been hard on many of them. They are from an old shoe factory that closed.
  14. All I can add is “Ditto”. I keep hoping what ever I’m not getting will finally come to me. KMMay, Really Nice work!
  15. Are you wanting tanned beaver tails or wanting tails to tan yourself?
  16. Thanks for the quick reply’s. Got to get in some practice so that will allow more practice time. I knew there was a better way to search but my mind just couldn’t come up with it. billybopp, I also mow this ladies yard. On my way over today I called her but got no answer. She does sleep late occasionally so I didn’t Think much about it. After mowing awhile and she still hadn’t came out I knocked, nothing, both doors were locked. The neighbor has a key so I called her to come over for a look see due to her recent health problems. All said and done my brother & her had took a bike ride today. She had failed to tell anyone. Story ends well.
  17. A few months back my mom passed. Lots of issues but she gave it a good fight and lived a long life. Her neighbor just a few years younger (83) and my mom both lost their husbands about the same time and they became best friends. My mom’s friend recently lost her leather checkbook cover. Her late husband had it made for her. Nothing special in the checkbook cover itself and may have been a Tandy kit. It had the floral design, lace edging etc. I can’t replace “that” checkbook but I want to try and make her another. At 83 the lady Loves motorcycles more than anything else in the world. She is always ready for a ride. A 250 mile day is nothing for her and she will never say enough. Would anyone know where I could find any patterns, templates for a simple motorcycle I could download for tooling onto this checkbook cover. I’m not opposed to buying this if it’s the right one. I’m very inexperienced at tooling so I’ll have some practicing to do and my reason for wanting a simpler pattern. I’ve done searches but only come up with patterns for motorcycle leather bags, seats an other accessories. Sorry for the lengthy explanation! I hope someday to contribute to this forum rather than just gleaning from it but with my lack of knowledge & experience I was always taught to keep quiet and listen. Thanks in Advance,
  18. After having to have recently put my hunting partner and family pet of nearly 15 years down its awful hard for me to think about dogs. She was the best and this is the kind of collar she would be wearing if still around. Very Nice!
  19. WoW! I can only imagine. Thanks for posting.
  20. Thank You DJole. I looked and looked but not knowing what they are called made it difficult. Thanks Again
  21. Does anyone know where the 2 piece fasteners shown in the above video might be found. These are similar to what's found on the police, fire, emergency radios to secure to their work belt. I want the metal ones as I think he mentions in the video they are available in plastic. I hope I didn't violate any rules posting the video. I tried to just cut a picture or two out but I couldn't get it done.
  22. Thanks for the reply, I guess as a beginner I never thought about the stamping & tooling stretching out the leather but I can very well see how it happens. i will try the method you used to make the fold in the portfolio and see how it turns out. Thanks for taking time and helping out. In my first post I forgot to compliment you on your work. Very Nice!
  23. I'm very new at this so pardon me for a couple questions that might seem obvious to some. The poster board stiffener and the beveled mat board stiffener can you explain this a little bit. How do you fold the large piece of 7-8 oz leather. I get a kind of pooch at the fold that messes the appearance of the sides. Thanks
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