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  1. Its here in Los Molinos,Ca.I want it here after the class we can Brain storm on any topic you want
  2. Going to have a ground seat class at my shop the first week of March.Only taking 5 people.Message me for info and cost
  3. Been kicking around the idea of having a 3 day school on putting ground seats in.Would like to know if that would spark some intrest?Be this winter and can only take 4 at a time
  4. I like them,been using Sonny for about 28 yrs. now
  5. Just finished this 3 b,basket stamped and ruff out 17 1/4 ' seat ,7/8s flat plate,4 1/2 x 11 1/2' cantle,dally horn 3 1/2 high x 3 1/4 cap,closed gullet
  6. I have been getting them from Pat Horlatcher out of Burns Oregon
  7. Just listed this saddle on Ranch World Ads for sale
  8. This saddle is in my shop now and for sale,$4525
  9. Thank you Steve.Its built on a 3b with 4 1/2" stock
  10. This is a spec saddle built to go to the Red Bluff Bull Sale
  11. Merry Christmas Darc.Been real busy,just finished 2 more wades today
  12. Its more for the look than anything else Half breed is half ruff out ,half smooth out
  13. Thanks.The skirts are laced under the housings,about 2 1/2" from the rear edge.The housings are laced 1 1/2"s apart or 3/4" from the edge of each jockey.Hope that helps
  14. Tom,This tree came from Quality Mfg.The maker plates were made by Pat Hoardeger from burns Oregon
  15. Half breed wade just finished.Tame rose carved,carlos border ruff out
  16. Yes,I use heavy necks and skive them to my desired shape
  17. You are only bridging 4 "s are so.I would think that the leather will hold the weight of the rider.Haven't had any trouble with them not holding up.
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