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  1. My first successful paint job on leather, using undiluted acrylic, I'm pretty happy with it. Critique is welcome and appreciated! Note: I don't know how to re-size a picture here, so enjoy the in-depth view.
  2. ..And I am alot more than happy with their business! I Ordered a cut of rawhide along with a few other things, the nice looking products that were in the display pictures of their website were exactly what i found in the box, which was delivered on time. They are giving away a 5x9" sample piece of kydex, which is a very nice thing to do for the customer. I've got odd feelings over any sort of new polymer or plastic that tries to look even with a hand-made leather sheath or holster, and now i'll get to play with it a bit without worry! I Received a hand-written letter thanking me for doing business with them, Along with a humorous sale ad. I am more than satisfied, especially after so many mis-haps and 'i'm sorry that was out of stock' notes I've had with another leather goods supplier. Thank you for providing what I wanted on time and showing friendly customer service! -Colter Hale
  3. Colter

    Apache Inspired Rifle Sheath

    Awesome work, especially with the authenticity of it. i really like that brass framed .44 with the stock too.
  4. Thanks you two! I Just got my first for my 18th birthday Thursday, with the blade shape, brass and weight it's everything I've wanted in a knife, they're beautiful tools.
  5. What I came up with for my birthday gift, done in about 2 hours, i was going to paint the letter but forgot in my hurry. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Pardon the giant pictures.
  6. Colter

    Crash Bar Chaps

    That was a neat idea, great work!
  7. My Mind is whirring with ideas, Thanks for keeping me up 'til 4 A.m. with my notepad! :)

  8. Awesome work and a really neat design!
  9. Colter

    Belts On A Guitar.

    Very nice work! Really like the one on the far right.
  10. It's Alive! Thank you Lord.

  11. Really Nice Holsters Dalton! Now You just have to worry about Dan Evans! :D
  12. Colter

    Dodge City

    Very Nice Holster, Great Work!
  13. Really Nice Work! Especially the Molding/fitting, I'd just hate to find the bluegun to match that!
  14. "Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?" Hehe, Real Nice Holster, the Cloverleaf is a nice Addition. If i can tell in the picture, is it Tilted for Crossdraw?